Our Web Support System

Web Support is More than an Email Address

We Make it Easy for You to Get a Hold of Us

One of the most common things we hear from clients who are considering leaving their current provider: Unresponsiveness

Our entire system is built around a fast response time and client service.

At FatLab Web Support we have worked hard to put together a support desk system that allows us to be responsive to our clients’ needs. Regardless of urgency level, we know it is important that you get confirmation when your support request has been received. That is why we put a true system in place, not just a generic support@ email box to be checked on occasion.

Multiple Communication Channels

client service focused web support

We Receive Instant Notification of Your Issue

When you create a ticket it immediately notifies us via email and sends an alerts to our mobile phones and tablets. You can track the progress of your tickets online, via email or even give us a call.

Average Initial Response Time: Under Two Hours

Keeping You Up to Date

We work hard to keep you updated on the status of your web support request. With each update you will receive an email and a record will be made to the ticket.  In addition, the system securely archives all communications and time for easy reference.

With a complete history of communications regarding a specific issue we are able to review an accurate history if questions were to arise on the same or future task.

Keeping Billing Clear and Honest

All billable time is recorded for each and every task and in full view of you, the client. In addition, all invoices will reference each completed ticket by number and the total time billed. At any time you can review the amount of time applied to your account.

Full Transparency: All communications and billing information is available to you 24/7/365


We love to talk and spend a lot of our time consulting and advising our clients – we don’t avoid the phone. If an action item comes from our conversation a support ticket will be created immediately. If a ticket needs clarification and discussion we will arrange a call with you at your convenience.

Our phone lines are answered by a (real) human during business hours. They will be happy to patch you through or if someone is not immediately available a message will be taken. Calls are typically returned in less than 2 hours during business hours and if a critical issue were to arise, our team will ensure your message is delivered ASAP… no dead voicemail boxes.