FatLab, LLC

We are a Website Maintenance Company

website maintenance companyFounded by Shane Larrabee, a web development veteran of over 17 years, FatLab is a website maintenance company focused on providing the absolute best client support experience. We’re on-call to handle systems monitoring, security patches, upgrades, bug fixes, site enhancements, content updates and many more website maintenance services.

FatLab will not try to sell you a new website. We keep  sites up and running so your business is up and running.  Our focus is why we are able to support you and your site more efficiently and more effectively than our competitors.

FatLab uses a robust online web support ticket system for clients to create and track support requests 24/7/365. In addition, each of our clients is served by a primary account manager.

A Virginia, USA Company

Washington, DC for you politically oriented folks

FatLab is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Virginia and was founded in downtown Washington, DC. We have a 100% American talent pool. Our client base extends through the United States and Canada with about 70% of our clients being based in the major business centers of the East Coast: New York, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta and Miami. We can put on a tie and meet in the board rooms of K Street or sport shorts and a fleece (when it’s 50 degrees and raining) and meet over a cup of coffee in Seattle. Then again, we could just meet online and get some work done… your call.

A Small Company with BIG Infrastructure

rackspaceFatLab has partnered with Rackspace, Inc. as our data and infrastructure provider. All FatLab dedicated infrastructure is held in a Managed Operations account within the Dallas, TX Rackspace Data Center where systems are monitored 24/7/365 by a dedicated engineering team. Rackspace provides us everything from redundant internet/network connections, backups, physical security, uninterruptible power, network security, server patching and much more. While many companies like ours lease a shared VPS and load their clients up on a budget plan, we have made some large investments into redundant and secure hosting solutions for our clients.

A Unique Model That Keeps Us All Happy

A happy developer is an efficient developer! All of us have seen the insides of a development agency where developers are lined up in cubicles cranking out code for a never-ending and growing to-do list. This is where FatLab is different and the model is simple. By putting together a set of efficient communications and collaboration tools, our team is able to work from wherever makes them happy. For some of us that means fulfilling a bucket list item of living abroad and for others it means being able to go to their kid’s sporting event in the middle of the afternoon. Regardless, our model is designed around client service and with average response times well under 2 hours, it looks like we have done it.

Proud Member of the Open Source Community

FatLab is proud of the work and experience of our open source developers and support experts. We believe in the advancement of open source software and actively participate in the advancement of Drupal and WordPress.

How We Stay in Business

At the end of 2016 we starting posting annual and quarterly reports. These are not formal business filings but simply quick glimpses into how our company is run and how we manage to stay in business. Stability and longevity is important so is the fact that we have clients that like us enough to keep coming back.

You can find those business reports here.

The Name

FatLab was named after the most prominent trait of Shane’s black labrador. Sadly our company mascot passed away in early in 2017 but his name, or least his stature, live on in the name and logo of this company. May Guinness the original “FatLab” rest in peace.