The FatLab Team

All American Talent

FatLab is proud to have all American talent, i.e. we’re not sending your work overseas for a markup.

No Cubicles Here

FatLab has taken a unique approach to building a team and work environment. The goal being: Let’s prove this “internet thing”. We live in a world where our Alexandria, VA office number is answered in Michigan and then transferred to the appropriate person whether they be in Washington, DC, Virginia, Costa Rica or Mexico. We work East Coast business hours but that doesn’t always mean we are on the East Coast. From centralized code repositories, ticket systems, video chats and VOIP phone systems, we have built a system that allow us to work from wherever we are AND wherever you are. This whole “internet thing” may just actually work.

Meet our Team

Shane E. Larrabee
Principal, Developer, and Janitorial Services : Washington, DC / Costa Rica

Shane LarrabeeShane Larrabee founded FatLab, LLC in 2011 after over a decade of web development experience amongst agencies, studios and other businesses. Shane specializes in back-end development (PHP) within content management systems such as WordPress.

However, more than a developer, Shane considers himself a problem solver to his clients – hence the unique support focused business model.

Shane has developed and supported sites for an uncountable number of organizations around the world including political campaigns, governments, trade/issue/member based associations and many small and large businesses. From the Fortune 500 to the smallest startup, to national PACs to grassroots movements and from K Street to Wall street – his experience spans the gamut. Shane lives in Playa Portreo, Costa Rica with his family and Fat Labrador, works East Coast business hours and makes regular trips back to the Washington, DC area for work.

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Ana “Ritz” C. Penaranda
 Managing Director : Washington, DC 

ana ritz c penarandaRitz is our Managing Director and a Project Manager with over 14 years of website project management experience. She brings a great dynamic to both our team and clients with a “let’s get it done” attitude for every project she manages.  She has a real love for solving a client’s problems; finding the right play, implementing a smart solution, and then seeing the results.

Having worked in the association and nonprofit world in the past, Ritz is very good at looking at a project from the client’s perspective. She has exceptional customer service skills and has an ability to build long lasting relationships.

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Niki Sebastino
 Developer : Virginia 

niki sebastinoNiki specializes in front-end web development with the philosophy that each project should bring about great results and good karma. She enjoys creating custom responsive websites in WordPress and other content management systems using HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

Niki’s client experience spans a broad range of industries including advertising, construction, energy, health care, insurance, manufacturing, public relations, real estate and technology.  Niki’s experience also includes project planning, prototyping, site design, site architecture, UX/UI, theming, and deployment of enterprise-level websites.

Niki lives in Virginia where her real job is as a taxi driver and cheerleader for her 13 year old son who plays travel baseball with an emphasis on the word travel. Niki is also the only member of the FatLab team to own a horse.

Dan Unger
Developer : Washington, DC

dan unger Dan Unger is a web developer with 20 years of experience in the IT field.  After obtaining advanced degrees in history, Dan earned a master’s degree in computer science.  He focuses on back-end development in languages such as PHP, .NET, Java, and Perl, with expertise in MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

For the past five years he has specialized in the Drupal content management system, as well as work in WordPress and MVC systems like CodeIgniter.  Other skills include Javascript (and the jQuery language) and web usability and accessibility techniques.

Ryan Wadsworth
Developer : Mexico

ryan wadsworthRyan Wadsworth is a web developer with over 10 years development experience working with a number of content management systems including WordPress and Drupal.

His technical expertise extends to working within the server environment (LAMP), MySQL, custom PHP development and front-end technologies/frameworks including javascript and Angular.js.

Ryan has been working with FatLab for 6+ years. Ryan has a B.A. in Latin American and Latino Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz and currently resides with his family in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas México.