What Our Clients Say

We work with some great companies and some great people! It’s faltering that so many were willing to allow us to include them on our website. Without our clients, we wouldn’t be here… this is not something we will ever take for granted.

dolores alonsoWe could not be happier than we are with FatLab. They remain responsive to each and every request and have acted immediately when any technical issue has arisen. FatLab put together a unique plan just for us and did so at a flat monthly rate, which makes budgeting easier. We look forward to working with FatLab for years to come.”

Dolores Alonso, Senior Director of Membership & Business Development, FPSA

rachel brociousFatLab has been a consistent partner from day one. They’ve assisted us in full website rebuilds, complex custom applications, website maintenance and hosting, and regular website maintenance and fixes. We consider FatLab to be a fully integrated part of our team at Sage Growth Partners and they are a pleasure to work with on an almost daily basis.

Rachel Brocious, Director, Strategic Accounts, Sage Growth Partners

fred lawrenceFatLab took over our hosting and website maintenance over a year ago. FatLab has since provide all the services our previous major hosting provider lacked (firewall, backups, malware scans and more) and most importantly they have proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Fred Lawrence, Marketing Director, Blue Ridge Partners

andrew schulkindFatlab has been an invaluable partner for Andigo New Media for more than 4 years. We regularly rely on the FatLab team to help us support and maintain many of our client websites. They keep us informed and have never failed to deliver, even under the tightest deadlines.”

Andrew Schulkind, President, Andigo New Media

thomas frank“When schedules get tight, we call on FatLab. FatLab, is a crucial partner for both execution and hosting infrastructure. With FatLab, we know it will get taken care of.”

Thomas Frank, Chief Creative Office, Delucchi Plus

josh s.With over 10 websites hosted with FatLab, including some high-profile corporate and government assets, to say I “trust” them would be an understatement. FatLab has continued to provide the highest quality (and secure) services I can find.

Josh S., President, Trevian International

ana penarandaSOCMA has partnered with Shane Larrabee of FatLab, LLC for the management of our many websites and digital assets for over 12 years. From builds, to dedicated infrastructure, to day-to-day support. You could say that for over a decade SOCMA has relied on the services provided by FatLab and these services have been delivered without failure and with a 100% success rate.“

Ana C. Penaranda, Director, Web Project Management, SOCMA

missy-harp“The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS), a medical certification organization, does not have the technical resources in-house to manage our web presence. We rely on FatLab to help keep our website up to date, consult on best practices and ensure it remains online and stable for our membership and the public.“

Missy Harp, Finance, Test, and Administration Manager, ABFPRS

deanne kasimWe migrated our site to FatLab after becoming increasingly disappointed in the level of support provided by two major hosting companies. FatLab has filled this need for us by providing timely and reliable support each and every time we have needed it.”

Deanne Kasim, President, Santesys

gary braunIt hasn’t mattered if it is the middle of the day, late at night, the weekend or 5:00pm on Friday. When something urgent has come up, FatLab has responded with a solution within minutes each and every time. This is why we continue our 4+ year relationship with them.

Gary Braun, Vice President, Braun Film and Video, Inc.

morgan pierceWe entrust 3 large high-traffic websites under the WebTotal.care plan at FatLab. Having retained them in early 2016, I can attest to the fact that the client service is exemplary, we have not experienced any outages and every single challenge has been met and exceeded in regards to our expectations.

Morgan Pierce, Marketing Coordinator, Incentive Solutions

stephanie manor-chewWe contacted FatLab after one of our client’s sites had come under attack and the current host had taken it offline. FatLab was able to stop the attack, get the site behind a firewall and provide stable hosting in a just a matter of hours. FatLab has remained incredible responsive to all of requests since that time.

Stephanie Manor Chew, President, Media Driven Results