We have agency experience

Having worked for, as well as owned and operated studios and agencies, we have been there.

We understand what it is like to try and provide quality support to your clients while remaining focused on larger projects and campaigns.

That's why we provide support, hosting & WordPress development. Juggling resources and the expense of moving time away from other deliverables is a tough challenge. This is where we come in.

FatLab can provide a dedicated web support desk and custom build services so that your team can remain focused on larger deliverables.

We bill at a rate that you can mark up, and we can either work directly with your client or through you. Regardless, the client remains yours and it is our job to make you look good.

Website support services

Let us be your website maintenance and support department. We understand that campaigns are your business and let’s face it, web support sucks when you are trying to focus on the big picture.

Web support may be something that becomes part of the job, but not necessarily a profit center. Pulling your top developers, designers or even account execs away from larger projects to work on individual support requests can be costly and can negatively impact project deadlines.

This is where we come in. We want to be your dedicated support department.

Reliable website hosting

Servers and hosting infrastructure is not what your business is about. However, you run campaigns, design websites, and manage client communications - which means you have sites and assets to host.

Worrying about whether your client's site is up, secure, and at optimal performance is not where your focus should be. When there is a problem, calling a large hosting company and dealing with the hassle of waiting for a rep, or getting a rep who's not able to give good advice is not a good use of your time.

FatLab takes care of all this for you. We have experience hosting campaigns and websites of all sizes and we have hosting partnerships with agencies who need to provide enterprise level solutions but do not want to be in the hosting business.

You plan it, you design it, we build it

It's a bit of a secret but FatLab does in fact build websites. But don't tell our direct clients as it is a service we offer only to our agency partners.

You're the brains of the operation and we are here support you. Provide the information architecture, site plan, and design files and we'll bring your vision to reality. We can consult along the way, and we will be sure you deliver a great product to your client.

We have developed dozens of sites for organizations of all kinds - including many household brand names - through our agency partnerships. From micro-sites, custom applications, to full primary websites we work behind the scenes and you can consider us as a member of your team.

What our agency partners say

Rachel Brocious, Director, Strategic Accounts, Sage Growth Partners

FatLab has been a consistent partner from day one. They’ve assisted us in full website rebuilds, complex custom applications, website maintenance and hosting, and regular website maintenance and fixes. We consider FatLab to be a fully integrated part of our team at Sage Growth Partners and they are a pleasure to work with on an almost daily basis.

Andrew Schulkind, President, Andigo New Media

Fatlab has been an invaluable partner for Andigo New Media for more than 4 years. We regularly rely on the FatLab team to help us support and maintain many of our client websites. They keep us informed and have never failed to deliver, even under the tightest deadlines.

Thomas Frank, Executive Director, Engagement, streetsense

When schedules get tight, we call on FatLab. FatLab, is a crucial partner for both execution and hosting infrastructure. With FatLab, we know it will get taken care of.

Josh S., President, Trevian International

With over 10 websites hosted with FatLab, including some high-profile corporate and government assets, to say I “trust” them would be an understatement. FatLab has continued to provide the highest quality (and secure) services I can find.

Stephanie Manor Chew, President, Media Driven Results

We contacted FatLab after one of our client’s sites had come under attack and the current host had taken it offline. FatLab was able to stop the attack, get the site behind a firewall and provide stable hosting in a just a matter of hours. FatLab has remained incredible responsive to all of requests since that time.

Call us. Seriously. We love to talk.

We love to talk and spend a lot of our time consulting and advising our clients – we don’t avoid the phone. If an action item comes from our conversation a support ticket will be created immediately. If a ticket needs clarification and discussion we will arrange a call with you at your convenience.

Our phone lines are answered by a (real) human during business hours. They will be happy to patch you through or if someone is not immediately available a message will be taken. Calls are typically returned in less than 2 hours during business hours and if a critical issue were to arise, our team will ensure your message is delivered ASAP… no dead voicemail boxes.

703.662.5792 / 888.742.2131

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