(Another) New Website

new website for website support company

In the words of Britney Spears, “I think I did it again”. OMG, I seriously just quoted a Britney song in my company blog. OMG, I just used the acronym “OMG” and in my head it actually sounded like it was coming from my thirteen year old daughter! Deep breath, let’s start this post again…

Why Can’t I just Leave It Alone?

I did it again, I said a website would last 2 years and I published a completely new website long before hitting the 24 month mark. Here is the problem: I look at websites every day, I work with some brilliant people and all the great work we do makes me freak’n hate my web site.

You would think that after nearly 19 years of working in the marketing space, with professional communicators and of course developing websites on a daily basis I would be able knock out a kick-ass website fairly quickly. However it’s always a humbling process to build a website… Wow these things are hard! The planning, the design and of course the content. The content is always the hardest part.

However I have to wonder if I hated my website because I am exposed to so many cool ideas over the course of the year or because my website just sucked. Honestly, it’s probably a bit of both.

Getting it Right

I have always struggled with defining the company and our suite of services online. I get so caught up in thinking about website conversions (the people who actually call or fill out our form) that I want to make sure there is content for everyone. The theory behind the “splatter” approach to content is simply to get a fish on the line. I can’t win a client if they never contacts me, right? Well, I know better than that! However I will admit that our last website fell into this trap and I think the result was pretty crappy.

After launching reallycheapweb.host (more to come about this) earlier this quarter, it occurred to me that our website was failing horribly. Sure it brought in some leads and some clients this last year, in fact we had our best year to date. However upon reexamination it failed to really say what we do in clear concise way, the layout was complicated and the content was ambiguous. Something had to be done.

Check it Out

So with that I am pleased to show off our new website and I do hope this one one will last a couple years, though I wouldn’t bet on it. I think we have come a long way as a company in regards to how we tell our story: What do we do, who do we work for and I think that is much clearer in this version of the site. Niki Sebastino had the tough job of keeping me focused and she did an incredible job developing the custom WordPress theme.

We are web support company focusing on maintaining websites, we have plenty to do without building ourselves yet another website. Here is to this site lasting for a little while before I become sick of it.

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