A Veteran Web Developer without a Portfolio

I was talking today with a client that we did a small gig for about a year ago. He runs an an agency and called with a partnership opportunity. Wow, did I feel like an asshole! I mean how nice is it that an old client calls up and asks for you to partner with […]

Virtual Team Members and Clients

[photo: Andy Schulkind and Shane Larrabee meeting in Costa Rica] A Truly “Virtual” Company I’m not sure if this is all that unique, but people are often very interested in how the FatLab team operates. The fact that we are so geographically diverse (Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States), is a point of interest […]

We’ve Got Swag

Yes it is true… I was once a model. If it’s not completely obvious from the photo above, I used to be a professional model. However I have to admit it’s been few years since I did department store Sunday flyers (I was like 12-14) and the better looking of the two is my daughter […]

The “New” FatLab… Or New Logo Anyway

As much as I liked our previous logo, it was time for it to go. Out with the old and in with the new as someone wiser than myself once said. So with that I am thrilled to introduce our new logo and a few fun variations. The dog in the center is original art […]