FatLab Web Hosting: How to Clear Your Site Cache

A Little History In 2015 I made it part of our standard WordPress hosting service to utilize a firewall service from Sucuri. If you curious to what this is you can see my blog post here about the service and how it helps keep your website safe from hacking and denial of service attacks. Speeding […]

Remove dashicons.min.css from Front-End for Non-Administrators

I don’t do a lot code snippets but I figured someone might find this useful. dashicons.min.cssĀ is a set of icons mostly used in the WordPress admin. Some themes load them on the front-end is well (or maybe it is default, I really don’t know). However if you are not taking advantage of these icons (such […]

A Quick Guide: Optimize Your Website Content For SEO

But You Don’t Do SEO… I often tell folks that I don’t do SEO work. This is because I believe that development and SEO are very different disciplines and ones that people can make an entire careers from separately. However that doesn’t mean we don’t consider SEO when doing development work. I also take a […]

WordPress Security Tutorial

From Web and database servers to plugins and themes there are many things that go into WordPress best practice security efforts, in this wordpress security tutorial I go over the main areas that you must make sure are covered to help keep your site safe.