Yet Another New Web Site

As a company that handles many marketing based tasks a day, one of the absolute hardest tasks is to market our own company. I don’t think this any different for most folks in any industry, hence the saying: “the cobbler’s son has no shoes”, right?

How To Make Sure Your Website Is Backed Up

Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure your site really is backed up. Website Backups: Insurance Backups are set up on your website, but is your site actually being backed up regularly? Many site owners never check on their backups until they need them. Suddenly, the try to restore their site only to find […]

FatLab, LLC Presents: Tamarindo Coworking

Finally… A blog post NOT about website security, development, project management or any of that jazz! Maybe my non-tech friends will finally read one of my posts… of course I don’t blame them for not being into all that other stuff, but hey it pays the bills. Looking for a Coworking Space in Costa Rica […]

What Are Website Security Services?

The best security requires multiple services for well rounded protection. Website Security Services, What They Include By now, you’d think your website is as secure as it could possibly get, right? Security doesn’t stop at updates, backups and choosing the right host. It also means setting up real time protection and monitoring for any issues. […]

Do You Have Website Backups (and backups of those)?

Backups aren’t optional when it comes to a secure website. The Importance of Website Backups Backup aren’t considered a priority with many website owners, even though they should be. You never know when files could be compromised or a virus infiltrates your databases. If you don’t have a reliable backup ready, you have to start […]

7 Things That Often Delay New Website Launches

Too many delays might make visitors think Coming Soon is your website. Don’t Let Your Website Launch Keep Getting Pushed Back You want your new website up and running as soon as possible, but the launch date keeps getting pushed back. Uncovering the most common causes for delays might help you actually make your original […]

Security Is More Than Just Updates

Website Security: More Than Just Updates Many sites administrators think all it takes to stay secure is installing regular updates. It’s a good start, but far from the only steps a webmaster should take to protect their site. From updates to removing plugins, themes and other files that you don’t use, you have quite a few […]