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FatLab Presents Tamarindo Coworking

FatLab, LLC Presents: Tamarindo Coworking

Finally… A blog post NOT about website security, development, project management or any of that jazz! Maybe my non-tech friends will finally read one of my posts… of course I don’t blame them for not being into all that other stuff, but hey it pays the bills. Looking for a
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how to make your website faster

How To Make Your Website Faster (And Why It’s Important)

Every millisecond counts. How does your website stack up? If you think page loading speeds aren’t important, think again. You could be giving your competitor’s new visitors with every extra second it takes for your site to load. Face it, your visitors aren’t patient. Luckily, there are ways to make
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where to get wordpress help

How and Where to Get WordPress Help

As with all such questions, the correct simple answer is, it depends. Obviously as a web support company,  its in my interest to sell you WordPress help as a service, which I am more than happy to do 😉 However, the level of help you might need and where you
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Moving a WordPress Site to SSL

An overview of my experience moving an already established WordPress to using all SSL / HTTPS. I cover what was easy and the challenges I met during the project.
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Don't Update WordPress

Don’t Update Your WordPress Website

Sadly, this is not the first time I have heard of a developer telling a client not to update their WordPress website. When I hear this I immediately figure one of the following scenarios is in play (in order of worse to slightly
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