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how web fonts work

How Web Fonts Work

Your computer can only display the fonts that it has installed on it or that are made available to it by other means. If a designer of any computer based medium is to deliver a specific font as part of their presentation they must ensure that the chosen font is
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Don’t Under Estimate The Value of Design

When I’m compiling budgets and estimates for some clients, I always cringe at having to include the design line item(s). It’s not that I don’t value or respect that part of the project, in fact just the opposite (hence this article), It’s that it seems to be the point in
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Want to Be Your Own Webmaster, Learn CSS

In the business of Web support and maintenance I regularly talk with people that just need a little help. They aren’t looking to develop a new app, launch a new service or even to fully redesign their site. All these people want is the side bar widget to look just
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You Can’t Automate Design (Sorry)

I think one of the hardest concepts for folks who have never been through a Website build project before, is understanding where development ends and design starts (and vice versa). For those of us who work in this field every day, that may seem like a ridicules concept. However this
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Auto Start Videos and Audio – Bad Idea

… and suddenly from the office down the hall, at a very high volume: Hey everybody I’m watching porn in here! A slightly hilarious prank that went around the office I worked in back in 1999. This was before we all got smart and stopped opening attachments just because the
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