Hey, You a Happy Client? – 2018 Happiness Survey

client happiness survey

Things Have Changed, It’s Time to Take Stock

At FatLab we are still very much a small company, despite our growth over the last few years. It seems like yesterday it was just me and 5 long time clients with about 7 websites to support. Today we have a dedicated team of professionals supporting over 80 websites. I do have to say that the growth as been fairly smooth though I do think that with growth comes change and change requires evaluation from time to time.

Small Enough to Give a Sh!t. Large Enough to Get it Done.

On the home page of our website we have the saying “Small enough to give a sh!t. Large enough to get it done.” and I think that is still very much the case. We are far from a large “support desk” looking for every excuse to close a support ticket to just get it off the board. However with growth comes volume and I have to think that it is wise for any company to take close look at how this has changed a company over time.

To say that I am providing the same personalized service to all our clients today that I gave those 5 original clients so many years ago would be a ridiculous lie. Sure, it’s more than just me these days working on projects but I have to wonder how those clients feel that used to be able to call me at any time but are now getting responses from people they may not recognize. I have to wonder if the transition is perceived to be smooth after the sales cycle and I have to wonder if our clients are happy.

Hey, You a Happy Client?

With all that said, I will fully admit that I have not asked that question lately. I have not actually reached out to a client in recent memory and asked “Hey, you a happy client?”. It’s not that I did this all the time before but again I was serving a much smaller client base and regular personalized touch points seemed to be much greater. So in short I think it’s time I asked: Are you a happy client?

In the next few days we will be sending an anonymous (though you can choose whether to provide your name) survey out to clients that have a maintenance and/or hosting plan with us and asking 5 simple multiple choice questions and two write-ins (anyone else feel like we are back in school?):

  • Which FatLab services do you currently use?
  • How many years have you been a FatLab client?
  • How likely are you to recommend FatLab to a friend or colleague?
  • How would you rate our responsiveness?
  • Overall, how happy are you with our services?
  • Are there any products or services you wish we had that we do not currently offer?
  • What can we do to make you happier?

2018 Client Happiness Survey

This is our 2018 Client Happiness Survey and we hope to learn whether we are giving the level of support our clients expect or if we are falling short. Of course I am hoping for nothing but rave reviews but it wouldn’t hurt to find a few areas to improve on in 2019.

Dear Client,
Be honest, be true, do not sugar coat it… we are big kids and can take it. We are also known to blush and enjoy a little praise as well.

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