Coworker Picks Fist Fight In Video Chat

A Photo is Worth…

That headline of course makes no sense, but yet it still seems worthy of a tabloid, FaceBook meme or some other not-to-be taken seriously medium. Oh and I just love this screenshot from a meeting we had this morning. Like any other typical meeting we have, it’s a chance for everyone to beat up on me… Not really.

I guess Ritz and I should be thankful that Niki can only virtually beat us up when we, once again, ask her to pull off the impossible under the most impossible deadline.

An Accidental Screenshot Says so Much About Our Company

I just had to post this picture (taken accidentally while trying to multitask) because I think it speaks volumes about our business and once again I get to play the part of the proud business guy who is so happy (obviously) to watch this little web support company grow.

How freak’n cool is that I am in Costa Rica and Ritz and Niki are hundreds of miles apart in Virginia yet we can regularly talk, laugh, (and punch) without even being in the same room let alone country? I’m thinking this internet thing could really take off (ha ha).

Just Business as Usual

This is how we meet. We just about never pick up the phone as the majority of our meetings, from scheduled production meetings to quick chats about a client or projects, are video based. I can’t tell you how valuable this is from a day to day operations standpoint! Of course the only downside is that I have to do my hair (that’s a joke… I have no hair)

At FatLab we have put a lot of work into putting together systems and protocols that allow our dispersed team to work seamlessly together. From central code repositories, cloud based support ticket systems and of course video communications; we might as well be in the same office.

What a Team!

Another reason I love this photo is that it speaks volumes about our team here. Of course not everyone was present on this call but this is pretty much how they are: lots of business but also a few laughs. We are very lucky to have such a great team here and I think that is reflected in our work.

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