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Finally… A blog post NOT about website security, development, project management or any of that jazz! Maybe my non-tech friends will finally read one of my posts… of course I don’t blame them for not being into all that other stuff, but hey it pays the bills.

Looking for a Coworking Space in Costa Rica

Talking about paying the bills and my constant entrepreneurial quest to ensure that my work life is never boring, I have partnered on a new project in Tamarindo, Costa Rica that I am very excited about!

A Short Back Story

As family, friends, clients and colleagues already know, I moved to Costa Rica a little over a year ago. I make regular trips back to the States for business, but basically continue my full time job from down here. I am fortunate in that in order do my job, I just need a laptop, cell service and a solid internet connection.

FatLab - Costa Rica

I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t stressed out about working from down here for an all U.S. based clientele that relies on my promptness of communication, but its worked out great. Granted Costa Rica does not offer the 100 MB/s download speeds that are becoming common place in the residential neighborhoods of the United States. However, connectivity is reliable and the speeds fast enough to do my work and squeeze at least one Netflix stream into the house and sometimes more.

Over the last year I have met hundreds of people who are hanging out down here for various reasons. Some are here with their families for a year of adventure, some are true expats and have liquidated all they own in their home countries, some are travel bloggers for whom Costa Rica will eventually be a pin in a map, and others are here for a myriad of reasons.

Ignoring the independently wealthy folks, which I imagine wake up bored out of their skulls on a daily basis – because who could stand waking up in a tropical paradise with nothing to do on a daily basis?? OK, Fine… that was a jealous rant. However, like myself, I do meet a lot of people down here who still work for a living. Their jobs mostly based in the United States or Canada. Some have employers, whom they have convinced that Costa Rica counts as “telecommuting,” while others are independent and they simply do what they did before from here.

Working From Home In Costa Rica

Home Office in Costa Rica

Most of us have traded in larger houses in North America for smaller condos and houses not designed with the home office in mind. I just recently moved to a three bedroom house whereby I actually get a home office when we don’t have guests. However, before this and like many others, we are putting desks in bedrooms, in living rooms and/or working at the dinning room table or kitchen counter. In addition, why many of us moved here to begin with, this is not a Starbucks environment. There are not coffee shops on every corner. In fact, there are not many corners, and the local restaurants and cafes are not used to digital workers making a desk out of one of their tables for the day. So the common challenge is often expressed… How can I get out of the house, get some work done and experience that productive “office” environment?

A Veteran Coworker

Because I regularly travel to Washington, DC and Seattle I utilize some really cool coworking spaces in those cities (Washington, DC: Canvas and Seattle: Makers). These offices provide me a desk, a work environment, business services and cup of coffee (sometimes even a cold beer).

For the last year I have been thinking about how Costa Rica could use something very similar. In fact, I got as far as discussing a plan to open a coworking space with family and friends when I met someone who was doing just that in Tamarindo. Through my typical hyperactive entrepreneurial “lets do this thing” fast talking, I somehow convinced my soon-to-be business partner to allow me to partner with her to get this incredible idea off the ground. I’m half joking here… but the short version is that FatLab, is now a founding partner and investor in Tamarindo Coworking.

Tamarindo Coworking: Opening Fall of 2015

Tamarindo Coworking will be opening this Fall and will offer a professional coworking, collaborative environment minutes from Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica. The space is easily converted for meetings, workshops and other events and future plans include expansion to include dedicated meeting space and maybe even private offices. We will be offering daily, weekly and monthly membership plans.

Consider this an open invitation to meet me in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

Check out our new website at tamarindocoworking.com

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