FatLab Web Hosting: How to Clear Your Site Cache

A Little History

In 2015 I made it part of our standard WordPress hosting service to utilize a firewall service from Sucuri. If you curious to what this is you can see my blog post here about the service and how it helps keep your website safe from hacking and denial of service attacks.

Speeding Things Up

In addition to acting as a proxy to keep the bad traffic out, the firewall includes a caching service. Basically what we are going to do is allow a copy of your web pages to be placed at the firewall level. When a visitor comes to your site, they will be served this copy. This greatly speeds up the delivery of your site because, we reduce the number of connections needed to deliver your page, the server doesn’t have to ‘rebuild’ your webpage with each request and compression makes things even faster.

sucuri cache effect on page speed
Cache effect on server response timing and page load speed

Why is this Important?
Primarily this will improve your site visitor’s experience because they will not have to wait as long for pages to load, in addition Google uses page load time as one of many factors in determining search engine positioning. Better SEO, faster page load times and an overall better (and safer) user experience.

How to Clear Your Cache

You can still update your WordPress website like you always have. As a logged in administrator you will be looking at the live version of your website (not cached). The cache will update itself automatically every couple hours. However you can force a clearing of the cache from inside your WordPress admin area by going to the new menu item “Sucuri WAF” and clicking ‘Clear Cache’.

Clearing the Securi Cache from WordPress