I (Finally) Released an Ebook on Website Security

I say “finally” because this thing was actually written two years ago and sadly I just never got it completely finalized and posted. It’s something that I remembered from time to time but again just never managed to get it posted.

About a week ago, I found the files again and it was time to (finally) get this thing out the door. The problem: it was two years old and many of the references and statistics were out of date. So I spent a little time updating it.

Technically, It’s Non-Technical

I meant for it to be an easy read, though I fully admit the subject matter is a little dry. It’s only 8 pages long and covers the following:

  • The threat landscape
  • Common website attacks and security threats
  • The importance of CMS updates
  • Finding good hosting (from a security perspective)
  • Backup strategies
  • Additional Security Services such as Firewalls, malware scans, cleaning services and ongoing monitoring

The goal of the project was simply to give website owners and administrators a place to start when it comes to making sure they are protected as well as possible against the millions of threats that are out there. It gives specific strategies and services but in a non-technical format. Even if you are not a developer, you should be able to use this as a guide.

Fact: There is No Such Thing as a Secure Website

Always remember that there is no such thing as a secure site, just one that is protected against known threats and kept up to date against new threats. It’s a game of catch up, you against them and you not only need to proactively protect your website but have a solid backup strategy should the worst happen.

Get A Copy, It’s Freeeeeeeeeeeee

You can download a copy of the ebook on our site here: A Non-Technical Guide to Website Security.


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