IE 10 Browser Compatibility – Let the Haunting Begin

Browser Compatibility IE 10It was last spring when I downloaded one of the ‘Platform Preview’ releases of MS Internet Explorer 10 and started playing with it. It seemed to have really caught up with other browsers like FireFox and Chrome. I loaded up many of the newer sites I have built or were working on and they seemed to run fairly well. Even newer features (HTML 5) that had been dumbed down for previous versions of IE  seemed to be working great.

However with the consumer version released for Windows 7 in February of this year and as the sales of Windows 8 computers grows (where IE 10 is the default browser), I am noticing an uptick in browser compatibility complaints. So far though the they seem more function related vs the sometimes major style issues that previous IE releases brought. As of April IE 10 had a 6.22% market share which was up from just 2.93% in March (Internet Explorer 10 Doubles Its Desktop Market Share).

In the past most issues brought to a site by a new version of IE where style related – The browser seemed the break the layout of the page and issues where obvious right away. So far the issues I have dealt with are things like javascript functions that worked fine under IE9 are no longer working or today I worked on an HTML 5 video player that wouldn’t play in IE 10.

No real lesson here other than my initial impression that IE 10 was not going to be the headache of previous releases seems to be fading. However nothing can compare the trauma caused by IE7.