Let’s Meet for Coffee

Shane Larrabee FatLab Web Support

Happy 2019! Can you believe it is already two thousand nineteen?!

It’s Not Just About Web Support and Hosting

Well I want to start this year off right and I think a big part of that for FatLab, LLC is take a step back from the growth we have seen over the last few years, the efforts to win new clients and to simply have a no-sales-talk friendly discussion with our current clients.

Are We Doing as Well as We Think We Are?

I really want to talk with folks and see if we are doing as good of job as we think we are, if there is anything more we can do, if there are any services we can improve or offer new that would be of help.

We are a small company and the fact that our livelihood relies solely on whether or not people want to continue to give us money does not evade me… Wow, that sounds pretty cold, huh? Well that is the last thing I want for our company, to become a cold, no-face support desk. That’s the beauty and advantage of being a small company, I also believe that is the reason most of our clients like to work with us – they know us and we know them.

So Let’s Have Coffee!

Starbucks Gift CardI am inviting all current clients to have coffee with me.

Now we do have a small challenge… Odds are I am not in your same town right now but I’m not going to let that stop us from meeting face to face. I’m hoping to hold these meetings via video chat, though if you are the shy type we can do it the old fashioned way too. And I am actually going to buy you coffee.

Schedule a meeting and I’ll send you a $10 gift certificate from Starbucks. Don’t like coffee, I’m sure you can find a friend or colleague to take it off your hands but let’s still meet. I’m also open to do meetings over a beer, though we will have to treat those as BYOB.

Why I am Excited About This
So this is not so abnormal for this day and age, but it still surprises me when I give it some thought… There are many of you I have never actually seen beyond your LinkedIn or Twitter avatar. We may have closed dozens or even hundreds of web support tickets over the years, we may have spoke many times on the phone but to meet in person…. Crazy. Well, I’m hoping this exercise changes that. It’s by far time we spoke face to face!

How To Schedule a Meeting
Current clients are welcome to schedule a coffee meeting at any time by clicking here or by just shooting me an email.

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