Meet Niki, Web Developer

Niki Sebastino, Web Developer

Niki started working with FatLab Web Support in 2016. Our support clients have probably seen her name on support ticket responses, emails and heard her name often in conversations with me. Niki also works with closely with our agency partners on both builds and support. I figured it was time folks got to know this important member of our team, so in her own words…

NIki SebastinoDesigner -> Trophy Wife -> Web Developer

I didn’t go to college to learn web development. I thought I’d either be an Olympic dressage rider, an economist, or a trophy wife. As it turned out, I became a graphic designer then switched to web development. I really loved graphic design and I worked in that field for years. As print declined, I started to learn web design and development. Eventually I switched to about 95% web development because there’s so much to learn and it definitely keeps me busy constantly learning new things.

My Most Important Title: Mom

family photos

I’m a mom to a 16 year old who loves reading, science and math, is a good athlete, and is learning to drive in Southwest Virginia. We drive on a lot of back roads which is about 50-50 boring-terrifying.

I’m a stepmom to a 19 year old who just started college and is studying Electrical Engineering. He knows a lot more about computers than I do, and we enjoy trading nerdy jokes about bad programming.

Early Bird Special? I’m In!

I have a lot of hobbies. I basically like anything that an 80 year old likes – gardening, reading, bird watching, eating dinner at 4PM. I could go on.

Horses in the Virginia Countryside: My Happy Place

My main hobby is riding dressage. I’ve been riding since I was two years old and rode hunters (jumping) and equitation until I was 15. At the time I had an off-the-track Thoroughbred who was breathtakingly beautiful but frankly dangerous to jump, so we thought – let’s try dressage! Turns out he preferred jumping but I ended up sticking with dressage and decades later, I still love it. Jumping is fun too, but no more Thoroughbreds for me.

I currently have two horses – a really hot and spicy little rescue pony who I’ve trained for about four years and a super laid-back Friesian – Saddlebred cross who is coming five. I’m excited to take them to some shows this year. I hope to show the pony at third level and the youngster at first level. Dressage is a lot like coding – very exacting and excruciatingly boring to watch. I enjoy doing things correctly so it’s a great sport for me.

We also have two rescue dogs – a border collie mix who is beautiful but very anxious (I’m her emotional support human) and a rat terrier who is the most confident living thing I’ve ever met.

FatLab, the Technical Stuff and Some Points with the Boss

I feel lucky to have found Shane, Founder of FatLab Web Support, as I think we work well together and complement each other’s skills. He’s helped me move into areas of development I’d been striving to reach for years, but had had a hard time finding a position where I have someone to help me when I get stuck, yet one which challenges me with many different tasks each day. I enjoy writing code exclusively.

I love learning and I’m currently taking three online classes (CSS, PHP and systems) to review things I’m pretty good at and to learn more about things I’m not as good at. Web development is amazing because it’s constantly changing, so being a great web developer means constant learning and there’s always room for improvement. I love that.


I have about 95 goals set for myself in 2019 and one of them is editing the list down to a reasonable number of goals. But I also wouldn’t really be me if I didn’t have an unreasonable number of goals set for myself soooooooo that’s pretty far down on the list.

Getting Social

You can find me on Twitter @niki_fatlab at and Instagram niki_sebi

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