Moving Your Site to SSL (the short version)

For a developer I sure get wordy!

I recently wrote some posts on moving sites to SSL. The most recent focuses on Google’s effort to push website owners to go SSL/HTTPS and one on the effort that is involved in moving a WordPress site to SSL/HTTPS.

Well here is the short version for our clients:


What is Happening

There is a big push to encrypt the internet and make it a “safer” place. Google is leading this charge by giving SEO favoritism to sites that use SSL and by putting messages such as the following into their browsers when forms are detected on a web page.

chrome not secure ssl warning

Your Decision

To go through the cost and effort to move your site to SSL or not. If you care about SEO and would hate to loose visitors and conversions on your website, then you should do it. Google Chrome is the most popular browser (desktop and mobile) and people will see the scary warning come October when Google updates Chrome

The Cost and Effort

We we will reach out to each of our clients with a flat rate fee which will include the cost of the certificate and the effort to convert their website to SSL.

The bulk of the cost comes in the manual effort it will take to move your website to SSL. We have to do a find/replace across your database and files to ensure that every single http reference is changed to https. This takes time and it must be done correctly or your site will not load correctly.

In some cases we may find parts of the website (third-party widgets) that cannot be used with an https site. These are fairly rare but it does happen. If it happens with your site we will contact you to discuss options.

Once converted, the SSL certificate will need to be renewed on an annual basis. The renewal cost is only that of the certificate. The conversion from http to https is one time thing.


Well, Google is rolling out their change in October though they didn’t give a date so we would like get moving on this right away. Each site/client will be given a time based on the complexity of their site and when they place their order.

Regardless of which certificate we recommend for your site, there is a domain and sometimes business validation process. Validating the business and/or domain is part of what makes this secure. This process is usually completed in a few days (or less).

The Validation Process

We will collect some information from you so as to order the certificate. Emails will be sent to the admin and/or technical contacts on your domain registration and phone calls and emails may be sent to a company representatives. You can either follow the directions in the emails (usually just clicking a confirmation link) or forward them to us to take care of.

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