The “New” FatLab… Or New Logo Anyway

As much as I liked our previous logo, it was time for it to go. Out with the old and in with the new as someone wiser than myself once said.

So with that I am thrilled to introduce our new logo and a few fun variations. The dog in the center is original art created by Candace Monaghan especially for FatLab and our own Niki Sebastino created and refined the logo through my most annoying direction.

“Remember the 1980’s Mr. Zogs Sex Wax logos”? I asked…. there was not an immediate response. I continued, “Google ‘brewery logos'”… more silence. “I’m looking for something like that”.

Well despite my attempts (like any bad client) to screw this thing up, I would say Niki nailed it and I am extremely happy with the final result. However with all that said, I’ll let you be the judge. Of course if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all… I’m talking to you mom!

We’ll be doing a lot more with the Managed Web Hosting version soon. I know, I know… I am such a tease!

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A few other variations… T-shirts, lots and lots of t-shirts is what I am thinking. My daughter has already asked for a Virginia t-shirt, she is thirteen and in all honesty scares the hell out of me, so those are getting printed for sure.

fatlab craft beer and website support

A man can dream can’t he? Web support one day, brewery the next – stranger things have happened!

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