Wrapping Up 2016

Every year for over 40 years I have found myself making new year's resolutions, acting as if the end of current year is some kind of critical deadline and of

Yet Another New Web Site

As a company that handles many marketing based tasks a day, one of the absolute hardest tasks is to market our own company. I don't think this any different for

Coworker Picks Fist Fight In Video Chat

A Photo is Worth… That headline of course makes no sense, but yet it still seems worthy of a tabloid, FaceBook meme or some other not-to-be taken seriously medium. Oh

It’s This Pup’s Birthday

We Are 5 Years Old (35 in Dog Years) It was 5 years ago this month that I launched FatLab, LLC. The weather was just starting to get cold in

Our Clients Love Us

The Unsexiest Part of Web Development Website maintenance and support is just about the unsexiest part of the web development space. Seriously, the designers get most the credit because they

FatLab Retains a New Managing Director

A Big Announcement This October I am pleased to announce that Ana “Ritz” Penaranda has joined FatLab, LLC as a Managing Director in Washington, DC. Been There / Done That

FatLab Executive Retreat: Fall ’16

I went to Washington, DC and this is what I saw ^^ “Executive Retreat”, Wow That Sounds Important “Executive Retreat” is making this sound much more official and big business

Announcement: Two New Website Maintenance Plans

For over 5 years now FatLab has offered website support, maintenance and managed WordPress hosting services to a growing client base. Today I am happy to announce two new packaged

How To Make Sure Your Website Is Backed Up

Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure your site really is backed up. Website Backups: Insurance Backups are set up on your website, but is your site actually being

Why It’s Important To Do Regular Software Updates To Your Website

Skipping updates is like having an Open sign for hackers. CRITICAL: Regular Website Updates Software updates are just one of the many tasks involved in maintaining a website. Some site owners

5 Important Website Metrics You Can Track In Google Analytics

The best way to improve your site is by studying key website metrics. Using Google Analytics Google Analytics offers a wide range of metrics to help measure the performance of your

Why You Should Do A Website Content Review Every Six Months

Give your site a content face lift twice a year to stay competitive. Website Content Review When you’re publishing new content on a regular basis, the last thing you really

FatLab, LLC Presents: Tamarindo Coworking

Finally… A blog post NOT about website security, development, project management or any of that jazz! Maybe my non-tech friends will finally read one of my posts… of course I

What Are Website Security Services?

The best security requires multiple services for well rounded protection. Website Security Services, What They Include By now, you’d think your website is as secure as it could possibly get,

Do You Have Website Backups (and backups of those)?

Backups aren’t optional when it comes to a secure website. The Importance of Website Backups Backup aren’t considered a priority with many website owners, even though they should be. You

7 Things That Often Delay New Website Launches

Too many delays might make visitors think Coming Soon is your website. Don’t Let Your Website Launch Keep Getting Pushed Back You want your new website up and running as

Security Is More Than Just Updates

Website Security: More Than Just Updates Many sites administrators think all it takes to stay secure is installing regular updates. It’s a good start, but far from the only steps

Why Websites Need Monitored Maintenance

Staying updated is a vital part of monitored maintenance. Some site owners think all they have to do is add new content to their site and they’re done. It’s not

5 Ways Your WordPress Site Could Be Hacked (And How To Avoid That Fate)

30,000 new sites are hacked daily. Don’t let it happen to you. WordPress: A Hacker’s Target The increasing number of sites using WordPress has made the platform a target for hackers.

How To Make Your Website Faster (And Why It’s Important)

Every millisecond counts. How does your website stack up? If you think page loading speeds aren’t important, think again. You could be giving your competitor’s new visitors with every extra

The Challenges of Website Security Today

Website security is an ever changing landscape of challenges. Keeping Up with Website Security Websites face more security threats than ever before as cybercriminals seek to target users via the

Batch Edits to Your Webmaster for Efficiency and Cost Savings

Keep your webmaster focused on you with batch edits. Working with Your Webmaster Efficiently You find a single problem on your site and immediately contact your webmaster to fix it.

Your Webmaster Shouldn’t Also be Your Marketer

I often get calls from folks who are looking for someone take care of their website. Great! Webmaster services are exactly what I provide. However it seems sometimes that folks

How and Where to Get WordPress Help

As with all such questions, the correct simple answer is, it depends. Obviously as a web support company,  its in my interest to sell you WordPress help as a service,

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