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Finally… A blog post NOT about website security, development, project management or any of that jazz! Maybe my non-tech friends will finally read one of my posts… of course I

What Are Website Security Services?

The best security requires multiple services for well rounded protection. Website Security Services, What They Include By now, you’d think your website is as secure as it could possibly get,

Do You Have Website Backups (and backups of those)?

Backups aren’t optional when it comes to a secure website. The Importance of Website Backups Backup aren’t considered a priority with many website owners, even though they should be. You

7 Things That Often Delay New Website Launches

Too many delays might make visitors think Coming Soon is your website. Don’t Let Your Website Launch Keep Getting Pushed Back You want your new website up and running as

Security Is More Than Just Updates

Website Security: More Than Just Updates Many sites administrators think all it takes to stay secure is installing regular updates. It’s a good start, but far from the only steps

Why Websites Need Monitored Maintenance

Staying updated is a vital part of monitored maintenance. Some site owners think all they have to do is add new content to their site and they’re done. It’s not

5 Ways Your WordPress Site Could Be Hacked (And How To Avoid That Fate)

30,000 new sites are hacked daily. Don’t let it happen to you. WordPress: A Hacker’s Target The increasing number of sites using WordPress has made the platform a target for hackers.

How To Make Your Website Faster (And Why It’s Important)

Every millisecond counts. How does your website stack up? If you think page loading speeds aren’t important, think again. You could be giving your competitor’s new visitors with every extra

The Challenges of Website Security Today

Website security is an ever changing landscape of challenges. Keeping Up with Website Security Websites face more security threats than ever before as cybercriminals seek to target users via the

Batch Edits to Your Webmaster for Efficiency and Cost Savings

Keep your webmaster focused on you with batch edits. Working with Your Webmaster Efficiently You find a single problem on your site and immediately contact your webmaster to fix it.

Your Webmaster Shouldn’t Also be Your Marketer

I often get calls from folks who are looking for someone take care of their website. Great! Webmaster services are exactly what I provide. However it seems sometimes that folks

How and Where to Get WordPress Help

As with all such questions, the correct simple answer is, it depends. Obviously as a web support company,  its in my interest to sell you WordPress help as a service,

The Pitfalls of Forcing a Client Relationship

Don’t make yourself miserable by forcing a client relationship. The relationship between the client and service provider isn’t always perfect and it may not work out. You don’t have to

FatLab Web Hosting: How to Clear Your Site Cache

A Little History In 2015 I made it part of our standard WordPress hosting service to utilize a firewall service from Sucuri. If you curious to what this is you

Remove dashicons.min.css from Front-End for Non-Administrators

I don’t do a lot code snippets but I figured someone might find this useful. dashicons.min.css is a set of icons mostly used in the WordPress admin. Some themes load them

Did Anyone Check With The Developer?

Design and development might seem like two separate tasks, but if they don’t mesh, your web project

Infographic: A Guide to Website Security

A visual guide to establishing and maintaining a secure

5 Things You Need To Know Before Launching A New Website

Launching a website is about more than having someone develop and publish it for you. What about all the pre-launch tasks you need to

How to Setup a Testing Plan Before Launching Your New Website

No matter how much you test your new website yourself, you won’t notice all the same bugs as a test

A Quick Guide: Optimize Your Website Content For SEO

But You Don’t Do SEO… I often tell folks that I don’t do SEO work. This is because I believe that development and SEO are very different disciplines and ones

A Human Service Level Agreement

Big businesses have service level agreements (SLA), yet I also provide a services to my clients, shouldn't I too have an SLA?

Moving a WordPress Site to SSL

An overview of my experience moving an already established WordPress to using all SSL / HTTPS. I cover what was easy and the challenges I met during the project.

Website Firewall Becomes a Standard Service in 2015

In 2015 we have made Sucuri's Website Firewall service a standard part of our managed hosting

I Deleted All My Email Today

I experienced today what I have rolled my eyes at many times when clients have called over the years to say, ‘All my email is

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