Communications not Assumptions (a Web Support Case Study)

A case study where the client, designer and developer all made assumptions of the others and the result was a much larger and expensive project than needed.

What’s Wrong with Typical Shared Web Hosting

In a typical shared web hosting environment, you site's performance can suffer because of the activity of an unrelated site on the same web server.

Don’t Update Your WordPress Website

Sadly, this is not the first time I have heard of a developer telling a client not to update their WordPress website. When I hear this I immediately figure one

Web Consulting – Under Utilized but Extremely Important

It’s my recommendation that any non-technical client looking to invest in their online presence with a website or custom application seek the web consulting of an expert if at no

Web Developer or Expert in all Things Tech?

It should not be assumed your web developer is an expert at all things such as server infrastructure, you may need to consult multiple experts in order to maintain your

Technology Evangelists and How They can Shape Your Business

Very few non-technical organizations ever declare themselves ‘open source’, ‘Microsoft based’, etc. but they become that way by the technology choices they make (many times without knowing it).

Webmaster Services : What to Look for in a Quality Provider

Finding good webmaster services for your organization is tough, in fact it is really tough! Here are few points of evaluation as you seek a webmaster for your organization.

Webmasters can Build Tools but Campaigns are what Bring Success

When working with a webmaster or developer to refine or build your site, be sure that you understand the difference between adding the important tools and the campaigns that are

How Web Fonts Work

Your computer can only display the fonts that it has installed on it or that are made available to it by other means. If a designer of any computer based

Getting Pretty Freak’n Close to Inbox Zero with Mailstrom

For years now, I have been dreaming of and struggling to get to inbox zero. It was a utopia of day to day task management and client responsiveness I strived

My Email Problem

Checking email is like a bad scab that I constantly pick at. For some reason the urge is there but nothing good can really come of it. The solution, a

Handing Out IT Access Like Candy or Guarding it to the Point of Inefficiency?

Are you simply handing out out IT access or is your IT department guarding systems access to the point of inefficiency? The is a happy middle ground.

Bad Idea: Allowing a Sneak Peak of Work in Progress

The development phase of any web/application can be a long wait, but resist the temptation to ask or give an early sneak peak. Nothing good can come of

What a WordPress Brute Force Attack Looks Like

A brute force is when an attacker bombards a website, typically the login form, with a combo of usernames and passwords in hopes of breaking into the

When Clients Won’t Use Project Management Tools

Project management tools are designed to increase efficiency but what are you to do when a client simply refuses to use the system.

How WordPress’s Greatest Attribute can be our Worst Enemy

The ease of use in WordPress sites can sometimes set unrealistic expectations when it comes to the level of effort needed to build out a custom

What Is Managed Hosting and Why You May Want It

What is managed hosting, how it differs from more standard hosting plans, what are the cost differences. Is managed hosting worth it for your

Website Maintenance, Clients Don’t Care About The Code

When providing website maintenance services, its not the quality of code the client cares about but the level of responsiveness which is most

A Web Developer’s Legacy

Rarely do developers give thought to the lifespan of their code, however some sites and applications can remain online for a long time. What is your

Put Together A Web Support Contact List For a Faster Response

At FatLab Web Support, my mission is to provide my clients a single point of contact for everything that has to do with Web support and/or Website maintenance. I very

We’re Not for Everyone – What Web Pros Can Learn From Pizza Marketing

It was movie and pizza night at my house last Friday and where we live there are a good number, in fact a lot, of choices when it comes to

A Sliding Schedule in Web Development Projects

Do not place web project milestones on specific dates. Instead give each millstone an amount of time to be met from the previous

Avoiding the ‘Forever’ Web Project

Ever have a project that seems to go on forever? Its been months since you started despite the fact that the original schedule was only in

Why Web Developers Don’t Work Well Together

There is a strange dynamic, a true dichotomy, amongst Web developers. Anyone who works in this industry knows what I am talking about. Trying to get two developers with no work

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