Bad Idea: Allowing a Sneak Peak of Work in Progress

The development phase of any web/application can be a long wait, but resist the temptation to ask or give an early sneak peak. Nothing good can come of

What a WordPress Brute Force Attack Looks Like

A brute force is when an attacker bombards a website, typically the login form, with a combo of usernames and passwords in hopes of breaking into the

When Clients Won’t Use Project Management Tools

Project management tools are designed to increase efficiency but what are you to do when a client simply refuses to use the system.

How WordPress’s Greatest Attribute can be our Worst Enemy

The ease of use in WordPress sites can sometimes set unrealistic expectations when it comes to the level of effort needed to build out a custom

What Is Managed Hosting and Why You May Want It

What is managed hosting, how it differs from more standard hosting plans, what are the cost differences. Is managed hosting worth it for your

Website Maintenance, Clients Don’t Care About The Code

When providing website maintenance services, its not the quality of code the client cares about but the level of responsiveness which is most

A Web Developer’s Legacy

Rarely do developers give thought to the lifespan of their code, however some sites and applications can remain online for a long time. What is your

Put Together A Web Support Contact List For a Faster Response

At FatLab Web Support, my mission is to provide my clients a single point of contact for everything that has to do with Web support and/or Website maintenance. I very

We’re Not for Everyone – What Web Pros Can Learn From Pizza Marketing

It was movie and pizza night at my house last Friday and where we live there are a good number, in fact a lot, of choices when it comes to

A Sliding Schedule in Web Development Projects

Do not place web project milestones on specific dates. Instead give each millstone an amount of time to be met from the previous

Avoiding the ‘Forever’ Web Project

Ever have a project that seems to go on forever? Its been months since you started despite the fact that the original schedule was only in

Why Web Developers Don’t Work Well Together

There is a strange dynamic, a true dichotomy, amongst Web developers. Anyone who works in this industry knows what I am talking about. Trying to get two developers with no work

Listen To Your Web Developer and Be Flexible for a Better Product

Looking back at my most successful projects, one of the secrets to success in development is the client being flexible to the consulting of the

Don’t Under Estimate The Value of Design

When I’m compiling budgets and estimates for some clients, I always cringe at having to include the design line item(s). It’s not that I don’t value or respect that part

Watch Out for the ‘Do It All’ Web Guy

Design, development, SEO, etc. my challenge is understanding how any one person can do all those things well when some make entire careers from just

Want to Be Your Own Webmaster, Learn CSS

In the business of Web support and maintenance I regularly talk with people that just need a little help. They aren’t looking to develop a new app, launch a new

Service Level Agreements and Web Hosting

You may be better off finding a Web hosting provider with a great reputation rather than a great SLA. Here I describe how a typical hosting SLA

You Can’t Automate Design (Sorry)

I think one of the hardest concepts for folks who have never been through a Website build project before, is understanding where development ends and design starts (and vice versa).

Auto Start Videos and Audio – Bad Idea

… and suddenly from the office down the hall, at a very high volume: Hey everybody I’m watching porn in here! A slightly hilarious prank that went around the office

The Point and Click Web ‘Developer’

When hiring a Web developer you to want to make sure they are actually a developer. They understand code, understand databases and infrastructure

How Not to Refer a Web Designer or Developer

Are you referring a great designer, developer or a fast food burger... 'Cheap and fast' should not be part of a referral for professional

10 Client Responsibilities for Any Web Agreement

Web projects tend to run much smoother if at the onset of the project that an agreement is made that includes both party's

How To NOT Choose a CMS

Choosing a Content Management System or CMS is a job no one should envy. I often have clients or perspective clients who are VPs of marketing or have some such

Fail with Style

To pretend errors don't happen is naive, to assume that users will report such incidences is hopeful. Though many us of remember getting frustrated and joking about how often the

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