New Site? Order a Code Review (Maybe)

What is a Code Review? A code review is just that… a review of the code that runs your Web site. Traditionally focused on security best practices a code review

‘Above the Fold’ May Show Your Age not Your Web Savvy

Ever use the term ‘Above the Fold’ to describe the placement of content in a Web browser? I don’t mean to insult you and I get what you are saying.

Know When to Accept Feedback and When to Not

I know developers and designers know what I’m talking about when I mention the client who calls or emails (marked urgent) every time they hear a not so glowing review

Web Hosting – You Get What You Pay For (some times that’s s***)

What Did Your Last Trip to Starbucks Cost? What did your last month hosting bill come to? If they are comparable, I would argue that you have no right to

Timelines Are Subject to Reality

Web development and design is no different than any other industry in that the bulk of client satisfaction hinges on meeting deadlines. However that doesn’t mean that deadlines aren’t missed

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – And Either Does Your Web Developer

The Web is ever changing and learning on the job is something your Web developer should be doing. However there is a limit to how much should be

Before You Ask for a Website Bid, Develop a Project Scope

Start your web development project off right by developing a scope of work before you ask for your first

Everything Works in Photoshop

I think one of the hardest parts of Web development is to go from a finalized and approved Photoshop file to the Web browser. It doesn’t matter if you are

How to Install Google Analytics into a WordPress Website

A tutorial covering several easy methods of getting your WordPress site setup with Google

How to Install and Manage Themes within WordPress

In this tutorial I cover how to install, try, search for and manage themes within WordPress.

Getting Started with WordPress SEO

In this tutorial I go over what it will take to get your SEO campaign started and recommend a great plugin to help you get

Not all Commercial Themes are Created Equal

WordPress themes are inexpensive and typically great ways to provide a look and feel to a Website. However a sloppy developer equals a sloppy

Hourly Rates and What They Really Mean in Web Development and Support

A look at why hourly rates in Web development and support are set to what they are and why the cheapest rate might not be the best rate or best

Is There Anything Left to Design?

Would you like your Website with the menu across the top or down the side? Ok I am being a little sarcastic here but I was a partner at a

WordPress Security Tutorial

From Web and database servers to plugins and themes there are many things that go into WordPress best practice security efforts, in this wordpress security tutorial I go over the

For the Love of Bots: Site Speed and the Human Element

I obviously spend a lot of my time working on sites and talking with folks regarding the various aspects of their Websites. However last night after reading (yet another) article

Case Study: a Drupal 6 Upgrade and Redesign for a Magazine Website

This recent Drupal upgrade and redesign was a real pleasure to work on. War Times is a grassroots organization whose media strategy has evolved dramatically over the years. Founded in 2001 as

Is it OK to Tell a Web Client Their Idea is Not Fully Baked?

Though I have spent countless hours of my career hunched over the keyboard writing and working on code, I do consider myself foremost a Web consultant and secondarily a developer. I have

Twitter API 1.1 Took Your XML/RSS Feed Away

The shutting down of Twitter’s API v1 is not news to anyone who works with the API regularly and it has been coming for a while now (it was officially shut down completely on

The Personalization of Web Support

Web support, unlike say… auto repair, differs for each and every instance. There are no serial numbers and no one part fits all. Unlike getting your car repaired it is

What if Web Freelancers Could Enjoy Their Vacation?

One of the hardest parts of being a web freelancer is the fact that you are always on-call. Sure you can schedule your vacations and time off with your clients,

IE 10 Browser Compatibility – Let the Haunting Begin

It was last spring when I downloaded one of the ‘Platform Preview’ releases of MS Internet Explorer 10 and started playing with it. It seemed to have really caught up

When Less Costs More in Web Development

I was talking with one of our developers the other day about a client’s site and their desire to provide a certain set of features to their site visitors. This particular task

The Official Beer of FatLab Web Support – Fat Dog

What does beer have to do with Web support? Not much really, but as a fan of microbrews I had to pick this 6 pack up from Stoudts Brewery. Any

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