What is Used By Almost Everyone, But Built Entirely By Hand?

I was reading some random posts the other day and I came across a post by Scott Porad titled ‘Why do web sites and software take so long to build?

How to Manage a Website Part 4

This being the fourth article on how to manage a Website, we finally get to the actual Website. Depending on your hosting situation, this very well might be the only

How to Manage a Website Part 3

How To Manage a Website Part 3: Programming Languages (Webware) As Web servers answer requests for information and ‘serve’ this information in a usable manner, it takes another component to

How to Manage a Website Part 2

How to Manage a Website Part 2: Web and Database Servers Despite the fact we typically refer the computer that runs a Website as a ‘server’, these computers typically have

How to Manage a Website Part 1

Because of what FatLab does, I am often asked what it means to ‘manage a Website’. I wrote a recent article, ‘I Bought a CMS, Why do I Need Web

What Are Your Web Site Visitors Looking For?

A Web Site Usability Study Having recently launched our new site, Google Analytics has become a bad habit. And though it easily told me how many people were visiting our

Should I Allow Comments on My Corporate Blog?

It’s funny, I can’t tell you how many Web development projects I have started with a client and during the planning phases they are very excited to include a blog

Future Browser Compatibility

Since March of last year the top 4 Web browser developers (Microsoft, Google, Firefox and Apple) have released seventeen (17) new browser versions. Partially fueling this explosion in upgrades is

6 Things to Consider When Planning Your Website Redesign Project.

From budget to features to long term website maintenance, here is a list of items you should consider while planning for to rebuild your

I Bought A CMS, Why Do I Need Web Support?

Why do I need Web support if I bought a CMS and can keep the site up to date myself? A small list of things to

Web Hosting: When You’re Down, We’re Down

I was talking with a potential client today when a bit of nostalgia set in as I explained that we use the exact same systems that we were recommending for

Web Hosting – What You are Really Paying For

Web hosting and web support are two very different things. Typical hosting plans cover only server support, very different from Web

Website Maintenance as a Core and Priority Service

Support is a Tough Business Support is a tough business for anyone to be in. When I think about web support and website maintenance, I often compare it to airline

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