Free WordPress Themes What to Look for and What to Avoid

More to Consider than Price, When Choosing a Theme With thousands and thousands of free themes out there, choosing one is probably going to be one of the toughest decisions

WordPress Hosting Options

There are so many hosting plans out there and most lead with pricing vs what they actually are, this can be very

Technology Overview of WordPress

A brief video tutorial of the technologies involved in hosting a WordPress website and what you should look for when finding a host for your

Managing Posts within WordPress

Blogs, press releases or what ever type of content you are posting online, in this tutorial we go over how to manage posts with

WordPress Security, Addressing Common Concerns

In response to an article claiming that WordPress is an insecure CMS, I address their

How to Migrate a WordPress Site Without FTP or MySQL Access

Use a simple backup plugin, if you ever need to migrate a WordPress site without standard FTP or MySQL

Need to update Drupal 5 on your website? Step 1: make a backup!

Listen to your tech-savvy grandma. Or perhaps Ben Franklin is more convincing: “an ounce of prevention….” You could also be boring and just listen to your web maintenance team, and

What is SEO (Ready vs. Optimized, vs. Strategy)?

Many sites have the tools for SEO or have been optimized but this not something your developer does just once. SEO requires a

Website Security and that Awful Password You Were Just Assigned

Website Security and that Awful Password You Were Just

Sanity Check: Check Your Website Backups Before You Need Them

Today we set up automated daily backups to an Amazon S3 account for a Drupal site. Coincidently I was also setting up a different testing site and did so by

Is Another Site Slowing Your Website Down?

As discussed before, it is best to avoid reliance on third parties to facilitate critical parts of your Web site (widgets, feeds, api integrations, etc). The reasoning being that if the

Upgrading to Drupal 7 – What website owners need to know

We’ve had a lot of clients asking us about upgrading their websites to Drupal 7, so I decided to summarize a few considerations that will hopefully help website owners make

Who Controls Your Website, You or Your Developer?

Website owners should be empowered by their CMS and not held hostage by Web developers seeking billable website maintenance

Third Party Integration Holding Your Website Hostage?

Plugins, XML, widgets, APIs, etc. are all so convient because they allow you to easily include content, functions and features from third parties without much effort beyond the initial setup. Most modern

Does Your Web Host Really have Backups?

What you should now about Website backups as provided by hosting companies and what you should do to protect your

An Open Source Success Story

The ability to open the hood, compare notes with a large community and reach out to the developer makes open source

Keeping Up with CMS Security

Our friends at Andigo Media posted an article earlier this week on CMS security. They were nice enough to include a couple quotes from me as well. Some great points

What is Used By Almost Everyone, But Built Entirely By Hand?

I was reading some random posts the other day and I came across a post by Scott Porad titled ‘Why do web sites and software take so long to build?

How to Manage a Website Part 4

This being the fourth article on how to manage a Website, we finally get to the actual Website. Depending on your hosting situation, this very well might be the only

How to Manage a Website Part 3

How To Manage a Website Part 3: Programming Languages (Webware) As Web servers answer requests for information and ‘serve’ this information in a usable manner, it takes another component to

How to Manage a Website Part 2

How to Manage a Website Part 2: Web and Database Servers Despite the fact we typically refer the computer that runs a Website as a ‘server’, these computers typically have

How to Manage a Website Part 1

Because of what FatLab does, I am often asked what it means to ‘manage a Website’. I wrote a recent article, ‘I Bought a CMS, Why do I Need Web

What Are Your Web Site Visitors Looking For?

A Web Site Usability Study Having recently launched our new site, Google Analytics has become a bad habit. And though it easily told me how many people were visiting our

Should I Allow Comments on My Corporate Blog?

It’s funny, I can’t tell you how many Web development projects I have started with a client and during the planning phases they are very excited to include a blog

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