How Not to Refer a Web Designer or Developer

Are you referring a great designer, developer or a fast food burger… ‘Cheap and fast’ should not be part of a referral for professional services.

One of the greatest compliments you can give any business person is a referral. Marketing 101, right? Work hard, produce a quality product and word of mouth will produce cost effective, high conversion leads.

‘Cheap and Fast’

Not a good combo unless you are describing a combo meal you can pickup without leaving your car. 

I remember way back when I first went out on my own. I had a friend who produced some good leads for me, the problem I had was that every time I got a call from one of these leads, the conversation would also start with the fact that this guy said that I could build Websites cheap and fast. Not exactly the marketing message or image I was going for. Especially in the market I was working in (Washington, DC), fast should come at a premium and cheap was a relevant term.

Today I am very careful to never refer anyone to a trusted partner by describing them as ‘cheap’. ‘Fast’ is only used as a method to describe skill or the ability to fulfill a need. I am also very careful when I give discounts to ensure that the client knows they are getting a discount and that this not my marketed rate.

The referrals I get today, I hope, are based on the value I provided a client and not the dollar amount of their invoice. This is a professional service industry not fast food so please do those you are trying to help one more favor and let them set their rates and timelines.

photo by  Sister72 / cc