Sanity Check: Check Your Website Backups Before You Need Them

Today we set up automated daily backups to an Amazon S3 account for a Drupal site. Coincidently I was also setting up a different testing site and did so by pulling last night’s backup. The reinstatement of the files and database went flawlessly. However upon pulling up the site at a test address it displayed a surprise…. all the content was a month old. Upon investigation the site was updated a month ago and in the process a new database was created. However when the changes went live the backup routine settings were not updated accordingly. Every night the old database was being backed up, not the new one.

Sanity Check: Regularly check your Website backup files. Do so by checking file timestamps, log files and even go as far reinstate the site to a testing area to ensure your backups are valid and current. For the newly created backup routine done today, we will check the backups in a couple days, again in a week and then in a few weeks to ensure all is running as it should. Nothing is worse than learning your backups are no good or you don’t have any after a crisis has occurred.