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ebook on website security

I (Finally) Released an Ebook on Website Security

I say “finally” because this thing was actually written two years ago and sadly I just never got it completely finalized and posted. It’s something that I remembered from time to time but again just never managed to get it posted. About a week ago, I found the files again
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php upgrade roadmap

PHP Update Roadmap

What is PHP? Let’s geek out a little bit here, if you don’t mind. For those who don’t know, PHP is a programming language that popular web platforms/CMS’ are written in, WordPress and Drupal for example are written in PHP. PHP is an open source language and like most software
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high availability databases

Introducing High Availability Databases

"High Availability" means that each database has 2 replicas and if one of those were to have a problem the other two remain online and the hosted websites are unaffected. This also aids in website load
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website maintenance plans

Announcement: Two New Website Maintenance Plans

For over 5 years now FatLab has offered website support, maintenance and managed WordPress hosting services to a growing client base. Today I am happy to announce two new packaged service offerings. In addition to our continued on-call web support and website maintenance services we are now offering two distinct
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why website maintenance is important

Why Websites Need Monitored Maintenance

Staying updated is a vital part of monitored maintenance. Some site owners think all they have to do is add new content to their site and they’re done. It’s not nearly as simple as that. To keep a site running smoothly, you need monitored maintenance to take care of all
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FatLab Web Hosting: How to Clear Your Site Cache

A Little History In 2015 I made it part of our standard WordPress hosting service to utilize a firewall service from Sucuri. If you curious to what this is you can see my blog post here about the service and how it helps keep your website safe from hacking and
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