How to Take a Manual WordPress Backup

A WordPress Backup in Just a Few Clicks

Taking a manual backup of your Website can be incredibly quick and easy. And once you are setup to take backups you can do so before making any major changes to your Website including updating the core, themes or plugins. Having the ability to take a manual WordPress backup will ensure that all your hard work will not be lost if ever something were to go wrong and in this video I show you how to do it with a favorite plugin of mine: Duplicator.

Duplicator is the plugin you will see me use through out the videos on this site as I take backups prior to making updates or changes to any WordPress installation.

A Complete WordPress Backup

Remember that any WordPress site is really two separate ‘pieces’: the site files and the database. A complete backup is one that includes both files and database and not just one or the other.

What this Video Covers

  • Installation of the Duplicator Plugin
  • Running a quick compatibility check of your host
  • How to create a complete back up with just a few clicks

Video Transcript

Let’s talk about how to make a manual backup for your WordPress website. This is very different than a backup strategy. A backup strategy is where by you plan ahead, you make sure you get a daily backup, you keep weekly backups and so on of your website. This is just for that one off backup that you need before say making plug-in updates, theme updates or updating the WordPress core so this is in addition to an ongoing backup strategy.

One of my favorite plug-in is the duplicator plug-in. Now there’s a whole bunch of plug-ins out there that will allow you to make a backup of your website. The duplicator plug-in is very easy to use and that’s why I like it. It’s compatible with almost all host systems. It’s just overall an easy to use solution for doing a manual backup.

So once the plug-in is installed you’re going to see a new menu item on the left side here. Go ahead and go to packages. Now one of the first things you’re going to have to do, and you’re only going to have to do this once, is check the server’s compatibility. Make sure everything is set to “pass”.
Now if for any reason anything does say “fail”, and it will be written in red font, contact your host because it’s just usually a simple permissions issue that they can take care of very easily.

Now this plug-in is very popular, it’s likely that your host has heard of it before and they’ll be able to get it up and running for you. So we’re good to go here and basically all you have to do is click and it’s going to come up with this screen and go. And that’s it. It’s going to take care of everything.

Now this is a complete backup; so this is both the database and the file structure. This means that you could take this package and reinstall your site on another server; you could reinstate your site on your current server if something were to go wrong say after an upgrade or an update. And that’s how you create a manual backup of your WordPress website using the duplicator plug-in.