Technology Overview of WordPress

WordPress Technologies: A Simple Overview

The beautiful thing about WordPress is its flexibility and ease of use. The technology requirements to host, run and maintain it are simple and varied. So simple in fact that you can get WordPress to run on many different configurations. However not all setups are created equal. Understanding the technology basics will allow you to do and understand the following:

  • Pick a good web hosting company
  • Understand your options and why some hosting plans cost more than others
  • Understand what developers, designers and consultants are advising you on
  • Make informed decisions that will prolong the lifetime of your Website.
  • Comprehend other tutorials as you build out your WordPress website.

What the Video Covers:

What is XAMP & What is LAMP (Don’t Be Scared)

What is “XAMP” and why you really want “LAMP”. We break down the acronym so commonly used by developers and hosting companies and explain the best and most common configuration for your WordPress site. Though we will use words like Apache, MySQL, and PHP we wont bore you to death with the technical details of each of these. Instead we simply go over what each of these are and why they are important to the management of your site.

Take Away Lesson: LAMP not WAMP

Funny names, huh? Well watch the video to learn what these acronyms mean. Remember that almost everything related to WordPress was built on Linux (the L in LAMP), optimized for Linux and supported on Linux and though possible to host your site on a Microsoft Windows server (The W in WAMP), you don’t want to do this as it will just equal problems down the road. I’m sure there are some Windows guys out there who are plotting my demise, but please take my work on this, do your self a favor and go LAMP.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, let’s talk about the various technologies that are required to run and maintain your WordPress website. We’re not going to get into a whole lot of geek speak, but rather tackle it from a relatively high level.

It’s important to understand or at least recognize the various technologies as you speak with developers, designers, consultants, and especially when choosing a host for your WordPress website. So let’s get started.

You have a WordPress website and it needs a home, that’s your web host. Well web hosts come in various configurations and offer various technologies. So what we’re looking for, which is also known as an amp environment. Notice the X, that’s our operating system.

Now, WordPress can run on many operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. I’m going to highly recommend that you stick with Linux. The reason is, is that WordPress was built on Linux. It’s optimized for Linux, and the majority of the people who work and build for WordPress, expect it to be running within a Linux environment.

Now, I’ve seen many websites that are running within a Windows environment from Microsoft. However, I can almost promise you that it leads to nothing but problems down the road. I highly recommend you stick with Linux.

Next we have Apache. Apache is our web server. Apache is the software that actually serves the web pages to the user as they request them with their web browser. My Sequel, that’s the database that stores all the data contained within your website.

And finally, we have PHP. PHP is the language in which all WordPress files are written. If you’re going to do any development or hire anyone to do any development for you, you’re going to want to make sure that they know PHP.

What we have in the end, is what is commonly referred to as a Lamp environment. It’s a very common configuration when working with hosting companies, and it’s going to be what you make sure you have when picking a hosting company. And that’s it.