The Personalization of Web Support

Web support, unlike say… auto repair, differs for each and every instance. There are no serial numbers and no one part fits all. Unlike getting your car repaired it is not matter of whether a certain part is is in stock or determining the make, model and year.

Within Web development there are a million and one ways to do the same thing. Each developer has different ways they like to program and have varying skill sets that determine the quality of the final product. Sure there are frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and many many others but still the variance in how each and every site is developed is unmeasurable.

Web Support Is About Being Honest without Being Insulting

For those that do Web support getting to know any site you are supporting (and getting to know it well) is key to a long client relationship. In a field where hourly and project rates vary from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars,  some sites appear to be the work of a computer science super geek while others seem like they were built by a blind monkey. Understanding where the site sits on the spectrum is key. It is important to be honest with any client regarding the quality of the site but yet not bash the original developer (if it is not you) or making the client feel foolish for making the initial investment. This is sometimes hard because you have to justify why any task is taking a certain amount of time or will cost a certain amount.

Of course as time goes on and you work on the site longer, you will get to know the intricacies, how long things take and what is reasonable and what is not. The client in turn will build a level of trust so that explanations of ‘why’ any job is easy or hard can remain short.