The Pitfalls of Forcing a Client Relationship

Don’t make yourself miserable by forcing a client relationship.

The relationship between the client and service provider isn’t always perfect and it may not work out.

You don’t have to force the relationship for the sake of revenue. Breaking up with your client might be best for both of you.

The more you try to slog through a bad relationship, the worse things become. Neither you or client will be satisfied with the results when everything is said and done.

You Lose Revenue

Think you’re profiting by simply putting up with a bad situation with your client? The truth is you could be losing revenue. If a client becomes too much to handle or starts demanding far too much of your time, you lose focus on other projects. The more time you spent trying to figure out what your client really wants, the less time you have for the right clients. In the end, you lose far more than you make.

The Work Is Sub Par

Often times a client thinks they know best. They’re not being rude, but they’ve envisioned something that looks horrible. Do you really want your name attached to the project? Sometimes you’re not happy with the direction a client wants to take. The last thing you want is to create work that looks sub par. If the client starts telling everyone who did their site, others might opt to avoid you.

Another situation is when the client agitates you to the point where you don’t care. You put together a quick design that’s well below your usual quality. All it takes is one poor quality project to ruin your reputation.

You Hate Your Job

You’re doing what you love to do. Why should you ever put up with a client that makes you hate it? Some clients seem wonderful at first. The moment they don’t like something you’ve done, you get nasty emails or phone calls. You get called names that would make a sailor blush. You don’t have to put up with it.

If you keep dealing with it, you just lose your cool as well. You start treating the client badly in return. That’s not exactly good for business. They’ll ruin your name and it’ll turn into a he said, she said deal. Ending the relationship early is the best course of action.

Clients Are Dissatisfied

Even the best service provider can’t please every single client. The best providers do something different though. They bow out of the project and explain to the client that they aren’t the right provider for them. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Continuing when you know you can’t provide a client with exactly what they’re looking for only leads to dissatisfied clients. You don’t have to leave your client disappointed though. Before you end the relationship, recommend a suitable replacement. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and be more likely to recommend you to others.

You Lose The Job Anyway

You’ve tried to deal with a not so perfect client relationship. Now the time has come and the client isn’t happy with the final results or even the initial draft. They choose to end the relationship themselves and you lose the job anyway. You could’ve ended it near the beginning of the project and saved yourself all the hassle. Both you and the client would’ve been happier.


Service providers have every right to end client relationships if things aren’t working out. Whether it’s better for you, the client or both, it’s better to end things than force them and watch things fall apart. Do the responsible thing and don’t try to force a client relationship.

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Image: Lachlan Hardy