What if Web Freelancers Could Enjoy Their Vacation?

One of the hardest parts of being a web freelancer is the fact that you are always on-call. Sure you can schedule your vacations and time off with your clients, but that doesn’t help when an error message appears, a function is not working or there is another hosting issue…. phone rings, emails backup… vacation over.

What if there was service that could handle client and technology emergencies, take the phone calls and respond to emails and it only cost a few bucks per day? FatLab Web Support is researching providing a new service or ‘insurance’ to freelancers. This service would not take on new projects, enhance websites or provide web support beyond emergency situations. Web emergencies would include error messages, critical problems with current functions and hosting issues. Web freelancers would be able to provide a support email address and toll free number to their clients prior to taking time off. The concept is simple… to allow Web freelancers to take well deserved time off, enjoy that time and rest assured that their clients have an emergency resource.

At this time we are researching and defining the service and would very much appreciate if you would visit WebsiteSitter.co and take a quick survey or leave your email adress.

web freelancer vacation