Web Support: What Bad Client Service Looks Like

I spoke to a client of mine late last week who works with another firm on a site I do not manage. We had recently updated their site with some third party ad code and they had asked the same of this other firm. Not too tough, huh?

This firm did as they were told, they copied the provided code into the site and sent it back to the client for review. The issue was that they didn’t bother to look through the provided snippet and realize that it contained code for several sizes of ad banners, easy enough mistake but then they sent it back to the client for review. The site template was pushed around, three sizes of ad banners were displaying in a single area of the page and yet they still sent it to the client for review. Oh it get worse… Upon being told they did it wrong, they asked the client how to complete the task.

It seems there should be a lesson here but I am not sure what it is. Maybe don’t be stupid, review your work and don’t ask the client to do the job they are paying you todo. That’s the best I can come up with.