Clients Don’t Care About the Code

Web support and website maintenance is interesting in that, though clients see the end product via their browsers, they rarely see the actual work: the written code, the installed modules, plugins etc. The client is often clueless to whether their application is built on a ball of band-aided spaghetti code about to implode or a model of computer science perfection… and rarely do they care as long as it seems to work in the browser.

Its About Responsiveness

As a website maintenance company, the potential clients I speak to are simply looking for someone to call when there is a problem with a website or when a website needs updating. Their expectations are simple, in that they want someone to acknowledge their need and then address their need in a timely fashion. The number one pain point for clients, and why they are seeking an alternative to their current website maintenance company, is lack of responsiveness.

  • I have never been asked any real questions regarding my ability to write clean, efficient and compliant code.
  • I have never been asked for code samples

In fact, I would say that 99% of my sales pitches don’t involve any reference to my ability to write or work in code. It simply is not what the client cares about.