We’ve Got Swag

fatlab company swag

Yes it is true… I was once a model.

If it’s not completely obvious from the photo above, I used to be a professional model. However I have to admit it’s been few years since I did department store Sunday flyers (I was like 12-14) and the better looking of the two is my daughter Kendyl. Granted, this was like the 20th take as she was given right to approval before publishing.

It’s been a long time since I ordered company t-shirts or anything like that. However since releasing our new logo (modeled after our late black lab “Guinness”) Kendyl has been requesting t-shirts. My only requirement was that she allow me to be photographed with her (a tall order for a teenager).

I think they turned out pretty well! May even order a few more. And to show you just how few people I bet read my blog, shoot me an email if you would like one.

We have stickers as well:

FatLab Sticekrs

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