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Unlimited Web Support

No hourly billing! We offer flat rate monthly website support plans to help keep your budget on track.

Project Management

Association communications includes a lot of moving parts, vendors and technologies. We'll help you manage it all.

Content Management

We'll help you manage your content from formatting to posting to helping you plan your communications efforts and campaigns.

Security Services

We'll keep your sites online, stable and secure. From realtime firewalls to backups to malware monitoring we have you covered.

Website Maintenance

Whether you have one website or many, we will remain on call to help you manage your online presence, fix what is broken and enhance your user's experience.


We offer enterprise grade web hosting solutions for those that need it or we can work with your current IT infrastructure.

Help Managing All Your Online Activities

Our customized plans are designed to allow us to become an integrated member of your team. We want to be a part of your planning meetings, we want to help you research the best solutions and we want to be consultants to help you better understand the technology you rely on.

We'll help plan, execute and manage. We'll organize your multiple vendors and act on your behalf, we'll make sure all proposed and executed solutions are the best for your organization and budget.

We Have You Covered

Complete Management

  • Unlimited Friendly Support
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Content Management
  • Project Management
  • Consulting & Planning
  • Security Services
  • High Performance Infrastructure

Unlimited Support / No Hourly Billing

This plan is designed to put us on the same team. You need web support: we will provide it. Plain and simple.

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Additional Services

We'll add another layer of protection.

High Performance Hosting

FatLab offers enterprise grade hosting services for multiple web technologies. We have many options available including dedicated infrastructure. Let's talk shop and we'll put some muscle behind your online presence.

On-Call Webmaster

Know that your Webmaster is on call to fix any issue you may have.

Firewall for Security

All traffic to your site will pass through a real-time firewall and we'll monitor it 24/7.

Daily Malware Scans

We'll scan your site multiple times per day for malware.

Offsite Backups

We'll add another layer of protection with additional offsite backups.

I would like to discuss:

Every day 30,000 websites are hacked

What if yours was one of the hacked sites?

Just how bad would your organization be impacted?

How much money would you loose?

What would your members or donors think?

If you are not worried about your website becoming hacked, then you should be. There is no such thing as a secure website, only a website that is protected against known threats. Hacks are generally not targeted, i.e. you don't have to be a large brand, politically controversial or have a lot of competition. In fact most hacks are attributed to bot networks that just poke around until they find a vulnerability. Now just think of the damage that will occur to your association if your website is displaying embarrassing pharma advertisements or worse, infecting your visitors with viruses.

Real Clients / Real People

  • We could not be happier than we are with FatLab. They remain responsive to each and every request and have acted immediately when any technical issue has arisen. FatLab put together a unique plan just for us and did so at a flat monthly rate, which makes budgeting easier. We look forward to working with FatLab for years to come.”

    dolores alonso Dolores Alonso: FPSA Senior Director of Membership & Business Development

Content Management

In-house vs outsource arguments mean very little to us, simply consider us your staff and send us content to format and post. Face it, you're too busy to be resizing images, loading slide shows, formatting text to SEO best practices, etc. However, this is what we do day in and day out... we're good at it and we're fast. Combined with ongoing consultation and strategy, we'll help you manage your content so that it reaches your audiences in a timely and effective manner.

Some of the Great Associations We Serve:

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