Managed WordPress Hosting

With our managed WordPress hosting plan you get security, performance, 24/7 monitoring with (human) response and access to WordPress experts for support. Contact us today to learn more - or keep on reading.

Wow! That is expensive!

Spending more on your coffee every month than you are on your web hosting?
Let's just get this out of the way now... This plan is not "cheap".

Starting at $225 per month, it's going to look really expensive compared to many other hosting solutions out there. Heck, you can host a website for as little as $0.99 per month.

Keep reading to learn why we don't consider our plan expensive for a primary communications tool such as your website. Or, check out for a cheaper alternative.

The sad truth is that many of our clients are with us today because they learned the hard way what cheap means in terms of web hosting.

Hacked sites

Extended down times

Slow load times

Lack of help when needed

Wondering how we manage to pull all this off?

We have some serious infrastructure

We maintain a dedicated managed account with Rackspace and all primary web hosting assets are housed within their Dallas, TX datacenter. This provides us with

  1. Physical security
  2. Continuous/uninterruptible power supplies with instant failover
  3. Major network connections: The Dallas datacenter utilizes connections from 9 backbone providers
  4. 24/7/365 monitoring with response
  5. A dedicated server team

Load Balanced Web Servers

WordPress websites hosted with FatLab utilize load balanced servers. This means that your site is not on a single server. Instead, several servers hold full copies of your website.

Day to day this means multiple web servers are sharing the load, ensuring your site remains fast, as the system automatically shares the load across multiple machines.

If a server were to go down, your site remains up and running on the other servers while we work on the trouble server.

load balanced web servers
load balanced database servers

Load Balanced Databases

To further optimize the performance of your site, the web servers do not also act as database servers (using servers for both web and database is very common amongst budget hosts).

By offloading the database to dedicated database systems we allow our web servers to put all their resources into delivering your web files.

We utilize a load balanced dedicated database system. This means that there are multiple copies of your database spread across multiple servers dedicated and optimized specifically for databases.

Day to day this means all of our database servers are sharing and dispersing the load, ensuring your site remains as fast as possible.

If one of our database servers were to go down, your site will remain fully functional while the other servers continue to deliver data to your website.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Let's speed up your website with a CDN. For each site we utilize a Content Distribution Network (CDN). A CDN keeps copies of your static files (images, pdfs, style sheets, etc.) on servers all over the world. When someone visits your site they will be served assets from the server geographically closest to them.

In short: someone in Seattle will be sent files from a server in Seattle, a person in New York will be sent files from a server in New York. Why wait for it to come all the way across the country, through countless networks, hubs, routers, etc.?

A CDN will typically dramatically improve the speed of your site.

Google factors load time into their search engine rankings, a CDN will help improve your overall score.

Because all sites hosted by FatLab utilize a CDN, the average load on our servers is much lower than a standard configuration, allowing your site to load as quickly as possible.*

content distribution network for wordpress

Real-Time Firewall

Each and every site hosted with FatLab's managed WordPress hosting plan sits behind a real-time firewall. This firewall inspects all traffic coming to your site, allowing good traffic to continue while blocking bad traffic and would-be hackers. The firewall protects your site against

  1. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks
  2. Bruteforce login attacks
  3. Known software vulnerabilities
  4. SQL Injection
  5. Bad bots
  6. +More

This is not a plugin

We have nothing against plugin firewalls, they are better than nothing. However, plugin firewalls have two major disadvantages

  1. They must be manually updated
  2. Once they start protecting, there is already a threat hitting your website and server

We guard your site with a real-time firewall that is updated several times per day, and that is designed to stop any attack before it even touches your website.

We're always watching

24.7.365 Monitoring

We not only monitor our servers (all hosts should do that) but we also monitor your website for performance issues and up/down time. Our systems alert us within minutes if there is anything out of the ordinary.

Most web hosting companies do monitoring of their infrastructure, but what makes us different is that we monitor your actual website. Under a standard hosting plan, your website could be completely down, while the server it’s on remains running. This scenario does not result in an alert and it is up to you to notice and report the issue. Due to our overlapping monitoring systems, this situation simply cannot occur.

We monitor each and every website for uptime and performance issues. Websites are tested every 5 minutes from dozens of locations around the globe. If a problem is detected, that problem is automatically confirmed by up to 3 additional global locations and an alert is sent to a member of the FatLab team.

We test your site
every 5 minutes from

  1. 180 Testing nodes
  2. 48 Geographic locations
  3. 28 Countries


Backups & Disaster Recovery

Though our systems are built on redundancy and failovers, backups are an absolutely critical part of any website maintenance plan. They provide an insurance against disasters including natural and man-made (i.e. human error).

Backups are so critical that we actually keep two copies of both your website files and database.

Our backup systems take a daily snapshot of your files and database and we can typically reinstate any files within minutes.We hold these complete backups for a minimum of 30 days.

The goal here is to protect your organization's critical digital data.

Site flagged by Google as not secure?

Full SSL/HTTPS Support

We support full SSL/HTTPS website hosting with the certificate being installed at both the firewall and server levels for complete encryption to protect your site visitors.

We offer many different SSL certificates a discounted prices and can advise and facilitate the issuance of a certificate for your website. Of course we take care of installation and configuration. We can also convert your WordPress website from standard HTTP to HTTPS.

We are a web support company first

FatLab, LLC is not actually a web hosting company.

We are a website maintenance and support company that offers a premium managed WordPress hosting service.

One of the major disconnects with the big hosting providers is that the support they provide is focused on the services they provide (servers and infrastructure) and not at all focused on your specific website. Calling or emailing support at these companies can be frustrating when the reply is simply a referral back to your developer because the problem is not on their end. This frustration is then compounded when your developer swears the issue is with the host.

At FatLab, we have developed a service whereby this blame game is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if the issue is with the infrastructure or the software, it’s got to be fixed!

This is what Managed WordPress Hosting should be

We are not selling web hosting in the conventional sense, we are selling a complete support solution. Our job is to keep your website updated, secure and online. We don’t just load up your site on our servers and wait for your monthly payment. Instead, we take care of the site.

  1. We regularly log into your site, complete software updates, and test the site.
  2. We monitor it 24/7/365 and receive an alert if the performance drops, or if for any reason your site should go offline.
  3. Our firewall virtually patches your site against known vulnerabilities until security patches are released and software is updated.
  4. We are here to provide support for not only the hosting platform but for your specific website.

We are Experienced WordPress Developers

Unlike other hosting solutions, when you contact us with an issue an actual experienced web developer (some of us with over 19 years web development experience) will handle your request. We have access to a dedicated server team if the issue is of a more IT basis, but what makes us unique is that we can maintain, fix, and advise on your specific website.

We have Systems & Protocols in place

We monitor each and every site from dozens of locations around the globe at 5 minute intervals. We get alerts if any site should have performance, security or uptime issue. We have protocols in place for events that include

  1. Hacked website
  2. Down website
  3. Unusually slow website
  4. Down server
  5. Network disruptions

On average it takes us 7 minutes to learn of a site’s issue. With 5 minute health check intervals and multiple automated confirmations from around the globe, we typically know of an issue before our clients do. Once an alert comes in, the issue is confirmed, researched, and protocols put into place.

Press cycles, media exposure, congressional hearings, direct security threats ... we have experience with it all

No site is more important than another but there are definitely organizations that garner more and different types of attention than others.

We currently work with organizations that receive regular media coverage (and web traffic spikes), governments that rely on their websites for official business and people/groups that are known to ruffle a few feathers (politics, here we go). We get it and can handle it.

The news cycle, unplanned media exposure, national and international exposure, and direct security threats are all things we have great experience with; and can help support the web presence of those organizations that experience them. Again, it’s not just about the servers ... servers are boring and don’t pick sides ;-)

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