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Performance Matters

Did you know that your bounce rate (the rate at which people leave your site) skyrockets with every second of load time?

Did you know that Google considers site load time in their page ranking algorithms; i.e. faster sites rank better?

Well, to aid in the speed of your WordPress site we have put together some hard-core infrastructure including load balanced web and database servers, then added performance enhancing services such as full page caching and a CDN.

How do you load a page fast?


When WordPress delivers a web page from the server, the request must first be accepted by the server, that request must be processed, and during that process the database queried. Once complete, rendered HTML is sent to the browser for your visitor to see in all its glory. This takes time.

However, we can cut this time down a lot by caching the rendered pages at the firewall. Basically, what we do is keep a copy of the web page on the firewall so as to save the trip to the web and database servers for processing. This can cut seconds off your page’s load time and significantly improve site performance.

Clearing the cache is easy and can be done from the admin area of your website. There are also circumstances whereby you may not want your site cached, no problem, this is an optional service.


All sites hosted with FatLab under this managed WordPress hosting plan gain a huge performance boost by utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN is a global network of servers where copies of your static assets are kept. Static assets include the hundreds of images, style sheets, javascript files, PDFs that are included in your website.

By keeping copies of these assets on dozens of servers all over the world, your visitors are served files from the server geographically closest to them. This greatly speeds up the delivery of your website by doing two things

  1. Reducing the transmission time of your site files because they are sent from optimized servers geographically closest to the user. This simply means someone in Miami will be sent files from a server in Miami while someone in Los Angeles will be sent files from a server in Los Angeles.
  2. Taking load off the web servers. Because the web servers are not responsible for delivering the images and other static assets, thanks to the CDN, that frees up their CPU and memory to work that much faster to deliver your web content to your visitor.

Use of the CDN is fully automated and you can easily clear the CDN cache from inside your website’s administrative area.

wordpress hosting with cdn

We currently utilize Amazon’s Cloudfront North American and European CDN which includes nodes edge locations (where your files are stored) in the following regions:

United States
Edge Locations: Ashburn, VA (3), Atlanta, GA (3), Chicago, IL (2), Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (3), Hayward, CA, Jacksonville, FL, Los Angeles, CA (2), Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, New York, NY (3), Newark, NJ, Palo Alto, CA, Philadelphia, PA, San Jose, CA, Seattle, WA (2), South Bend, IN, St. Louis, MO

Montreal, QC, Toronto, ON

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2), Berlin, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt, Germany (6), London, England (4), Madrid, Spain, Marseille, France, Milan, Italy, Munich, Germany, Paris, France (3), Prague, Czech Republic, Stockholm, Sweden (2), Vienna, Austria, Warsaw, Poland, Zurich, Switzerland

Call us. Seriously. We love to talk.

We love to talk and spend a lot of our time consulting and advising our clients – we don’t avoid the phone. If an action item comes from our conversation a support ticket will be created immediately. If a ticket needs clarification and discussion we will arrange a call with you at your convenience.

Our phone lines are answered by a (real) human during business hours. They will be happy to patch you through or if someone is not immediately available a message will be taken. Calls are typically returned in less than 2 hours during business hours and if a critical issue were to arise, our team will ensure your message is delivered ASAP… no dead voicemail boxes.

703.662.5792 / 888.742.2131

We wrote the book on website security.

We seriously did.

A short and easy second-edition read by FatLab's founder Shane Larrabee that covers the basics of website security.

We admit, it's written by a nerd, but you don't have to be a server geek to get it. The goal was to document in easy-to-understand terms the requirements of maintaining a secure (as possible) website.

Use it as way to start a conversation with your current provider, or use it as a checklist to see how secure your website is today. Heck, print it out and use it as a coffee table book, we're just trying to be helpful.

website security ebook

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