Managed WordPress Hosting

It will cost you a little more than your last Starbucks run, but isn’t a 24/7/365 window to your organization worth it?

FatLab takes care of websites on many different hosts. We also offer our own premium managed WordPress hosting plan.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Simply put, we not only host your site but we take care of your site. We monitor it for up/down time, provide real-time security services, back it up, respond if there is an issue and much more.

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How does this WordPress Hosting plan differ?

Have you ever called your hosting company because your site had an issue only to be told that you needed to call a developer?

Have you ever called your hosting company because your site was under performing and were told there was nothing they could do about it?

These are exactly the situations that we work hard to prevent. When you call us with an issue we don’t point fingers and blame the other guy, we’ll research it, fix it and/or make recommendations on how to improve the situation. We are not a hosting company, we are a website maintenance company that hosts websites.

deanne kasim“We migrated our site to FatLab after becoming increasingly disappointed in the level of support provided by two major hosting companies. FatLab has filled this need for us by providing timely and reliable support each and every time we have needed it.”

– Deanne Kasim, President, Santesys

The FatLab Managed WordPress Hosting Service Includes

  • Redundant environment to protect against downtime
  • 24/7/365 with response monitoring
  • Website up/down monitoring
  • Backups and backups of backups
  • Our full managed WordPress Security service
    • Realtime web application firewall
    • Malware scanning
    • Backups
    • + More

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Is That It?

No. Not even close. The majority of our managed WordPress hosting clients are organizations that simply don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of web hosting. They care if their site is up, performing well and if something needs attention… it gets attention.

Premium WordPress Hosting in the Cloud

We provide an all cloud infrastructure with enhanced features such as load balancing as a standard part of of our premium web hosting offering. What this means is that your site is not loaded onto a single machine limited by the resources and performance of that one machine. Instead, your website utilizes the resources of many different machines, pulling resources as needed.

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Hi Traffic or Sudden Spikes, No Problem

Load Balancing
Spikes in traffic are immediately and automatically given more power and bandwidth to keep up with the demand and the load balancers ensure that demand on your site is distributed across the cloud platform. From a day to day perspective, this means that machines can be taken offline for maintenance and updates without causing your site to experience any downtime. Even more importantly and different from many other hosting plans, other site’s traffic and demand for resources on the same system will not cause slow downs with your site.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Though our systems could not be more prepared in regards to redundancy and failover, backups are critical to any website and a part of our premium web hosting services. Backups provide insurance against high impact disasters such as natural and man-made disasters to simple data corruption and human error. Most hosting companies provide a backup solution but many times backups are stored on the same hard drive and/or in the same physical location as the originals, not protecting the website from hard drive failure or a single damaging event.

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We keep several types of backups

Server Snapshot
For each server a complete server copy is made every 24 hours and held for 4 days

File Backup
Incremental Backups (versioning) of all files are backed up every 24 hours and held for 30 days.

Database Backup
A backup of the database is taken every 24 hours and held for 30 days

All backup systems are run and stored by completely separate systems, protecting against catastrophic server failure

Load Balancing
Though not an official backup strategy, your site is load balanced between multiple servers for performance and redundancy. This means that your site files are actually located on multiple servers at any given time. So even if one server where to have catastrophic failure, a complete copy of the site will be served from other servers.