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Real Clients / Real People

It hasn't mattered if it is the middle of the day, late at night, the weekend or 5:00pm on Friday. When something urgent has come up, FatLab has responded with a solution within minutes each and every time. This is why we continue our 4+ year relationship with them.
Gary Braun
Gary Braun: Braun Film and Video, Inc.
Vice President
FatLab took over our hosting and website maintenance over a year ago. FatLab has since provide all the services our previous major hosting provider lacked (firewall, backups, malware scans and more) and most importantly they have proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.
Fred Lawrance
Fred Lawrence: Blue Ridge Partners
Marketing Director
We entrust 3 large high-traffic websites under the Big Dog Support plan at FatLab. Having retained them in early 2016, I can attest to the fact that the client service is exemplary, we have not experienced any outages and every single challenge has been met and exceeded in regards to our expectations.
Morgan Pierce
Morgan Pierce: Incentive Solutions
Marketing Coordinator

Big Dog Support is a Support and Security Focused Service

We'll keep an eye on your website! With 24/7 monitoring, regular software updates and multiple levels of security - Your site will be in good hands. In addition, call on us anytime with questions, fixes, enhancements as this plan includes UNLIMITED web support.

Be sure to check out our Watch Dog Hosting offering, which includes all of the Big Dog Support offerings minus the unlimited web support.

Would You Know if Your Site was Down Right Now?

Who is keeping any eye on your website? Does someone get an alert if it should go down or performance levels drop? Have you ever learned your website was down (or painfully slow) because you just happen to visit it or worse, a client or customer let you know?

30,000 Sites Get Hacked a Day

Will yours be one of them?
How much business would you lose?
What would be the damage to your reputation?
What would be the cleanup cost?

Are you worried you will become one of the 30,000 websites that will get hacked today? If you haven't taken appropriate steps for your WordPress sites, you could be next! You don't have to be a major brand, a political loudmouth or even have cut throat competition. Just imagine the potential damage from learning that your site is filled with Viagra ads only after it has infected your users and you have been black listed from Google.

What If There Was a Problem... and Response Took Days?

Is Your Current Provider Lacking Responsiveness?

Your website is critical to your organization’s mission, yet you find yourself struggling to keep it maintained. Maybe your current provider takes days to get back to you and even longer to complete a task. Do they bill you by the hour, making it impossible to plan and manage your website budget?

How Many Pending Updates Does Your Site Have?

As that number increases, other aspects decrease: security, stability and longevity.

Are Website Maintenance Budgets a Nightmare?

With web developers throwing out incredible ranges for hourly work, delivering invoices full of surprises or absurd project budgets, it's just about impossible to maintain a plan of growth for your online presence.

security guy

We're Watching Out For You

Complete Coverage:

  • Real-Time Security (Web Application Firewall)
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Offsite Backups
  • Software Updates
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Unlimited Friendly Support
  • Load Balanced (Redundant) Hosting

Big Dog Support Includes:

Your Site Monitored 24/7

I'm sure you already have backups, Right?! However, we'll add another layer of protection with additional offsite backups for your WordPress site. Backups will be taken daily of both the files and database and held for 30 days.

Imagine not having to worry about up/down time, knowing that someone will get an alert to the issue within minutes and respond accordingly. We won't just monitor for up and down but overall performance and respond if something isn't quite right.

Unlimited Support / No Hourly Billing

Hourly billing for website maintenance and support is pain in the ass! Is the developer fast, are they slow, did they not sleep well last night or forget to stop timing when they went for coffee? As the client, you want the developer to work as fast as possible but the developer wants to squeeze as much billable time as they can from each project. This puts us at odds! Does it make sense that the slowest coder, bills you the most?

This plan is designed to put us on the same team. You need WordPress support; we will provide it. Plain and simple. No more estimates, no more invoices full of surprises and no more guess work when it comes to your website maintenance budget.

Your Very Own Dedicated On-Call Webmaster

Know that your Webmaster is on call to you to fix any issue, refine your site, improve your site and consult with you on the best methods to reach your organization’s goals for their online presence. Your webmaster will respond within hours, acknowledge your needs and get your tasks done within a reasonable amount of time and do all this without hourly billing.

A Real-Time Firewall for Security

All traffic to your site will pass through a real-time firewall that will analyze all traffic for security risks, blocking threats before they even get to your site. This is all done without a performance hit, in fact your site will probably be faster and that will help your SEO rankings!

Daily Malware Scans

Your site will be scanned for malware. If anything is amiss, we'll start the cleanup process immediately. We'll also ensure your site does not remain black listed by any major search engine or index. There are no additional costs for malware cleanup.

Offsite Backups

I'm sure you already have backups, Right?! However, we'll add another layer of protection with additional offsite backups for your WordPress site. Backups will be taken daily of both the files and database and held for 30 days.

Redundant / High Performance Hosting

FatLab offers hosting services for WordPress and other technologies as part of our service offering. We have many options available including dedicated infrastructure. Let's talk shop and we'll put some muscle behind your online presence.


Big Dog starts at $750 per month per website billed monthly to a credit card on file. As an all inclusive service you can be confident that your bill will always be our agreed upon amount, not a penny more. Your rate is guaranteed for the life of our relationship.

Have more than one website?
Please contact us for discount opportunities and/or partnership information.


What's the Difference Between this Plan and the Plan?

This plan provides for UNLIMITED web support service whereas support is still available under the plan but is billed hourly.

How Long Do I have to Commit For?

The service is monthly and you can cancel any time.

What Will You Need From Us?

At minimum we will need the following: FTP and database access (control panel access is good too) The domain's DNS records or access to an individual who can make changes on your behalf

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

We guarantee our work and if by chance we get something wrong, we will work (and work) to get it right. We are only human after all.

In terms of money, if you simply decide you don't like us in the first 30 days, we will refund your first payment in full and cancel your account (this never happens).

And of course, security...there is no such thing as a totally "secure" website, server or computer - only one that is protected in the best possible way. Though we can't guarantee your site will never experience a security issue. What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible at no additional cost to you.

What Are Typical Response Times?

We like to make the initial response to new support requests within two hours during business hours (9-5 Eastern). However all support channels (phone, email and ticket system) are monitored around the clock for urgent situations.

Do You Offer 24/7 Support?

Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm eastern time. Typical response times are usually less than two hours during these business hours. However, if you have an emergency such as a down site or a security issue after-hours or on weekends, our phone system will direct you on how to get a hold of someone. All we ask is that you be kind and only wake us up for real emergencies.

What Does Unlimited Support Really Mean?

It means we don't bill by the hour and will handle all your reasonable support and maintenance requests without any regard to billing above the service plan. Requests may include working on current features and functions of the website and enhancing the site over time with new features and functions.

Typical tasks take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours (some a little longer). What we can't do is build you a new website or new major feature. Don't worry, we'll build a good relationship and any reasonable request will be honored under the plan.

If I Need Support, How Do I Get a Hold of You?

  • Online Support Ticket System
  • Phone
  • Email

All support requests are handled in an online ticket system that allows us to track all your open requests and full history on each ticket. We are happy to talk things out over the phone as well and of course there is email.