Planning Your Next Website

An eBook from FatLab, LLC

Release Date: November 2018
Version: 1
Format: PDF

At 20 pages in length this eBook by Shane Larrabee, and Niki Sebastino, is no fluff piece. Honestly, this is not the book to curl up to next to a fireplace in the winter with. We are pretty sure no one will ever review it as a “page turner” or say they “just couldn’t put it down” and that is OK with us.

This comprehensive guide was written out of pure frustration with the amount of crap websites we see out there. We are sick and tired of seeing good businesses spend dollar after dollar trying to “fix” bad websites or hearing from clients that their developers just “didn’t get it” and we are tired of having to deliver bad news to good clients regarding the fact their websites will simply never perform the way they had hoped.

So rather than continue whisper about how we are much better programmers, that we would never have done things one way or another or, even worse, telling clients they are simply out of luck – we are doing something about it… We are Taking a Stand Against Bad Web Development.

This free eBook is the first part and cornerstone deliverable to a program we plan to launch in late 2018/early 2019: Taking a Stand Against Bad Web Development. This program is about 90% open source (i.e. free) and created by us based on our own experiences and expertise. We hope that that people will use these resources to plan for and hire for their new website with the knowledge of how to avoid common pitfalls.

We are web developers and we know what to look for, we know what a solid RFP contains and we can cut through the industry BS. We want to pass this knowledge onto others. Seriously if this book helps just one organization we will be thrilled!

The Planning You Next Website eBook covers the following topics:

  • Choosing the right person or team to build/design your next website
  • Planning for the various development phases
  • Prepping for your next website project
  • Evaluating a developer
  • Performance and search engine optimization considerations
  • Planning for hosting, support and maintenance

It is our hope that any non-technical professional planning their new website and planning to hire someone to build their next website will have the tools and knowledge to ask for what they need, get a clear concise plan, get an honest and accurate budget and finally receive a quality product that is representative to what they asked for.

The eBook is written in layman’s language (unless we are making fun of fellow developers), it’s a light read though we fully admit a little long.

The Take Away

When planning your organization’s new website there is a critical point from which all success is determined – this is the point of hiring who will build/design your site. In an unregulated industry full of jargon and many ways to do things, there is so much that could go wrong. We have developed this guide to help people plan their projects, evaluate service providers and to make the right hiring decisions

Download the PDF by clicking here.