A Non-Technical Guide to Website Security

An ebook from FatLab, LLC

Release Date: October 2017
Version: 3
Format: PDF

A short ebook by Shane Larrabee that covers the basics of website security from a non-technical perspective. Covering all the major areas of maintaining a secure website, more technical site administrators will be able to use this as a guide while non-technical site site owners can use it as a basis to a conversation with their service providers.

The Book Covers:

  • The threat landscape
  • Common website attacks and security threats
  • The importance of CMS updates
  • Finding good hosting (from a security perspective)
  • Backup strategies
  • Additional Security Services such as Firewalls, malware scans, cleaning services and ongoing monitoring

A Quick Read

The goal here is not to bog you down with technical jargon but simply point out the various areas that attention must be given to in order to run a secure-as-possible website.

The Take Away

There is no such thing as a “completely secure website”, only a website that is maintained as well as possible against known threats and is kept up to date to be protected against emerging threats. And if all else fails… have backups, lots and lots of backups.

Download the PDF by clicking here.