A website maintenance company.

Named for an overweight dog, but that's not what makes us unique.

website maintenance, support and hosting services

A Managed WordPress Hosting company.

Named for an overweight dog, but that's not what makes us unique.

website maintenance, support and hosting services

A web support company.

Named for an overweight dog, but that's not what makes us unique.

website maintenance, support and hosting services

So, what does make us unique?

Insanely reliable WordPress support & hosting

Our job is simple: Keep your website online, secure, up to date and bug free. If any part of that criteria is not met, we jump into action.

We can consult, plan and strategize. We can monitor for uptime and performance. We can work with you to enhance your web presence. All this done by an all-American award-winning team.

Is your website important? Count on us for


Not all of our clients are household names, but we are extremely honored that over 80 websites are currently entrusted to our care. We even put a few logos on our site to prove we actually have clients.

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We are a website maintenance company.

We are there when you need us.

FatLab is a client-service focused website maintenance company supporting sites based on the WordPress content management system. Our process is communications focused - never leaving you, the client, in the dark on the status of your latest job or issue. Our job is to close out tasks in a reasonable amount of time and to ensure that your online presence stays up, secure, and stable.

We offer several website maintenance plans and managed WordPress hosting plans to help ensure your website is performing.

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*Small enough to give a sh!t. Large enough to get it done.

Web Support

We are here to make your life easier.

Consider us your dedicated WordPress webmasters. We are available to help squash bugs, fix annoyances, and enhance your website over time.

We are a web support company - supporting your web presence is our primary focus. We are not here to sell you a new website. We are here to solve your web support issues as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We work with you to help protect your investment, and improve it. We add new features, fix what's broke, and make it easier for you to administrate.

web support
website maintenance

Website Maintenance

Hate updating your site? Let us do it.

Our website maintenance services are going to help keep your website up to date, secure and performing at its highest level.

We offer several monthly website maintenance plans that include web uptime, downtime, performance monitoring. Our plans include regular WordPress software updates (core, theme and plugin). We handle backups, malware scanning, protection, and much more.

With the right team of people regularly working on and monitoring your site, your investment will be protected, will last longer, and small issues will be fixed before they become big issues.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Our servers are lit.

Web hosts are a dime a dozen. In this day and age anyone can put up a server and call themselves a web host. Our managed WordPress hosting service grew out of our need for a high-performance/high-uptime hosting environment for our own clients.

Heck, if we are the ones to get a call when a site is offline, shouldn't we build the absolute best hosting platform we can rather than rely on someone else? So that is exactly what we did. We put together the best package to ensure our clients the highest uptime and performance for their WordPress sites.

With control over the entire environment from code to server, we have no excuse but to simply solve your issue.

managed wordpress hosting

We Are WordPress Experts

Oh boy, don't we wish we kept track of the number of sites we have worked on here at FatLab and across our team's careers...

All we know is that the number would be impressive. We have collectively worked on sites belonging to the smallest mom 'n pop shops to Fortune 500 sites. We have worked for foreign and domestic governments and just about everything in between. Several of us have been working in PHP, MySQL - specifically WordPress - for over 10 years.

We each have our strengths - from front-end eye candy, to seriously cool back-end functionality. 99% of the sites we manage are built on the WordPress platform.

Our managed website hosting services are specifically designed to serve WordPress websites at the enterprise-level.

We take our WordPress skills very seriously (and it just may lead to some serious therapy bills).

We wrote the book on website security.

We seriously did.

A short and easy second-edition read by FatLab's founder Shane Larrabee that covers the basics of website security.

We admit, it's written by a nerd, but you don't have to be a server geek to get it. The goal was to document in easy-to-understand terms the requirements of maintaining a secure (as possible) website.

Use it as way to start a conversation with your current provider, or use it as a checklist to see how secure your website is today. Heck, print it out and use it as a coffee table book, we're just trying to be helpful.

website security ebook

Our mission is website security and performance

Why do people leave sites?

Slow load times = high bounce rates. Google actually calculates your site's load times in their page ranking algorithm.

Think you're safe from hackers?

You don't have to piss someone off to become a target of hackers. Your site visitors could become victims of viruses (or maybe just pharmaceutical ads if they are lucky) if a random bad bot finds just one weak point in your site's code.

We can help.

This is where we come in. Utilizing realtime firewalls, daily malware scanning (and cleaning), full page caching, CDNs, code optimizations, and more - we can help ensure your site remains secure, safe and fast. This will protect your site visitors and ensure they have the absolute best experience possible.

Agency Partnerships

We love working with communication agencies, studios, designers and specialists of all kinds and we have many succesful agency partnerships to prove it.

Whether it be bringing design files to life in the browser, providing managed WordPress hosting or simply squashing a bug. Our job is make you look good.

We can work as a member of your team and handle direct communications or we can work behind the scenes. The structure is up to you

Nonprofit Web Support

We have a lot of nonprofit and association experience. We understand the unique needs of membership, issues and trade groups.

FatLab can put together a unique online presence management plan to ensure all your systems are meeting the needs of your members, donors and other audiences.

From simple content updates to strategic planning our goal is to become a true partner. For associations we support many different technologies.

Really Cheap Web Hosting

Is a deal always as good as it sounds?

Boy do we have deal for you! Check out our really cheap web hosting offering to learn just what a bargain it can be.

However while checking out this too-good-to-be-true offering think about the following: Are you paying less to host your organization's website than you are for your monthly latte habit at the local cafe?

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