Arguments for A Read-Only Friday

A few months back I am came across a hashtag on Twitter: #ReadOnlyFriday. It’s not super popular hashtag but pops up every once and a while and as a web

Preparing to Hire for Who Will Build Your Your Company’s Next Website

Download the eBook The following is from our recently published ebook, Planning Your Next Website, of which you can download in it’s entirety for free by clicking here. As a

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid (in Website Development and Design)

Photo: I actually got my daughter to pose a kiss with me! It seemed I needed a real KISS in this article somewhere I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Keep

Let’s Meet for Coffee

Happy 2019! Can you believe it is already two thousand nineteen?! It’s Not Just About Web Support and Hosting Well I want to start this year off right and I

Choosing The Right Person to Build Your Next Website

Download the eBook The following is from our recently published ebook, Planning Your Next Website, of which you can download in it’s entirety for free by clicking here. As a

State of the Biz: 2018 (Annual)

Welcome to the 3rd annual State of the Biz report for FatLab Web Support. I’m a little surprised I got this done 3 years in a row! In case you

Happy Holidays From My Family To Yours

I want to thank you, my family thanks you and the FatLab Team thanks you for supporting us this year. Without such great clients (present, past and future), partners, vendors,

Hey, You a Happy Client? – 2018 Happiness Survey

Things Have Changed, It’s Time to Take Stock At FatLab we are still very much a small company, despite our growth over the last few years. It seems like yesterday

WordPress 5.0 is Here: DO NOT UPDATE

WordPress 5.0 is Here Do Not Update! Do not update to WordPress 5.0, is the advice we are giving our clients on the eve of the big update. WordPress 5.0

We Wrote Another eBook: Planning Your Next Website

We work with a lot of websites that we didn’t build, some are marvelous examples of computer science genius and others are… not. Over the last year we have taken

A Veteran Web Developer without a Portfolio

I was talking today with a client that we did a small gig for about a year ago. He runs an an agency and called with a partnership opportunity. Wow,

Virtual Team Members and Clients

[photo: Andy Schulkind and Shane Larrabee meeting in Costa Rica] A Truly “Virtual” Company I’m not sure if this is all that unique, but people are often very interested in

We’ve Got Swag

Yes it is true… I was once a model. If it’s not completely obvious from the photo above, I used to be a professional model. However I have to admit

Site Speed: Server Timing and Render-Blocking Scripts

Server timing and render-blocking scripts: Two items that seem to cause the most concern when working on site

Pros and Cons of WordPress Visual Editors

WordPress Visual Editors can be powerful tools but I hate them! The pros and cons of such tools.

State of the Biz: 2017 (Annual)

2017 was a growth year for FatLab Web Support. We strengthened our service offerings and successfully grew several areas of the business. We had some fun along the way as

Business Meetings Don’t Have to Suck (Costa Rica)

We had the pleasure of welcoming Ritz Penaranda and our client Dolores Alonso of FPSA in to the shores of Costa Rica for some "business"

(Another) New Website

I did it again, I said a website would last 2 years and I published a completely new website long before hitting the 24 month

A Happy Agency Partner

Congrats. Thanks for a great client meeting. Things are really coming together. Working on content and design. Love working with you and your

The “New” FatLab… Or New Logo Anyway

As much as I liked our previous logo, it was time for it to go. Out with the old and in with the new as someone wiser than myself once

Moving Your Site to SSL (the short version)

Just the facts on moving your site to SSL/HTTPS for our

Google Plans to Scare You into SSL this October

Starting in October of this year, the Google Chrome browser is going to start scaring your website viewers by showing them a warning for non SSL

I (Finally) Released an Ebook on Website Security

I say “finally” because this thing was actually written two years ago and sadly I just never got it completely finalized and posted. It’s something that I remembered from time

PHP Update Roadmap

Updated: September 6, 2018 What is PHP? Let’s geek out a little bit here, if you don’t mind. For those who don’t know, PHP is a programming language that popular

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