A Happy Agency Partner

Today I got an email from one of the executives in charge of a project we are working on with our agency partner, Sage Growth. Sage Growth is a health and medical communications firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The email was short and sweet but screams a huge amount of success to me.

“Congrats. Thanks for a great client meeting. Things are really coming together. Working on content and design. Love working with you and your team.”

Agency web development partnerships are a big part of our business, having accounted for about 30% of our total business in 2016, and therefore messages like this are more than just friendly accolades but a trophy of our efforts. I haven’t run the numbers yet but I am betting that in 2017 that percentage of business from such agency partnerships is even higher.

A Slightly Different Pitch

If you have read through our material (I know I can get a little long winded) or talked with me in person, you might have noticed that part of our pitch is that we don’t do website builds, we are a website “support” company and support services are all we do. Well, that is “mostly” true, but don’t call me a complete liar yet.

We do in fact build websites for some clients. We build websites when we can consider it a “support service”. This is where agencies come in. We operate as members of their team. However we are generally not forward members of their team. By this I mean, and often joke, that the account executives remain the brains of the operation an we just do as we are told.

Sure we consult, attend meetings and help plan but at the end of the day we are handed an information architecture, design and a features document… we build what they and the end client have come up with. In this capacity I would argue we are providing support services.

Personally I love this approach. After being part of that forward team for over a decade it’s nice to let someone else argue the merits of blue over red for higher conversions (ok, that is a bit of a joke), figure out content strategy and run the client through revisions/refinement, etc.

Within our agency partnerships we have developed and launched many websites, we support those sites and we host many of those sites under our managed WordPress hosting plan. I personally love it because it allows us to work for some big name companies, organizations and some great teams that we would otherwise not have exposure to as just a website support company. In addition these relationships keep me close to my roots having “grown up” amongst the agencies; my first few jobs out of college were for large and medium sized public relations and marketing firms.

The particular project that this kind quote is referring to is one where we are building a microsite or campaign site (separate from the client’s main corporate site) with a custom application (can’t go into the details, sorry). This custom application and microsite will be part of a lead generation campaign in 2018.

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