State of the Biz (Q1 – 2017)

2017 Q1 Report

In my continued effort from the end of 2016 when I posted “State of the Biz 2016 (Annual)“, I figured I would post another State of the Biz report. I like the idea of the transparency even though it’s not like we have stock holders to answer to or any thing like that. I just thought current clients, future clients, partners, etc. might appreciate a view into the company. I think it tells a lot about us.

Not Impressed?
The numbers alone are not that impressive, but we are a small company and what I hope anyone gets from these statistics is that we are stable, people trust us enough to continue spending money with us and we are growing. It’s really that simple.

Looking Back at 2016
Just a little recap from my previous report: We ended 2016 with over 60 organizations served, just under 60 websites hosted and had an annual growth of 53.84% from the previous year.  53% – Yikes unless we do something crazy this year I’m not holding out for another year like that. However I am confident that we will see an overall increase in revenue.


The Facts (Q1-2017)

FatLab Q1 Statistics

More numbers:

Average earned per client: $1,951 (Q1-2017)

How We Generated Revenue

Being a small business we really don’t have departments or divisions. However we do have 4 general categories of revenue. The following graph shows the percentage of revenue generated from each “category” in Q1-2017:

FatLab q1-2017 revenue sources

Note: In the above chart, agency hosting agreements are only represented as “agency partnerships” and not also included in “web hosting”.

Looking Ahead

If any small business owner had a crystal ball… well they wouldn’t be a “small” business owner, would they? Forecasting the future is tough and we are only through Q1 of this year. However I am betting on another year of increased revenue from last and expect the above chart to look more like the one at the end of 2016 in terms of where/how we make our money by the end of 2017.

Heading Into Q2
One area that will definitely see growth in Q2 of 2017 will be agency partnerships as we have a lot of work in the pipeline that is just starting to hit now. I anticipate some growth in the hosting category too.

Not a Web Hosting Business, But…
We have made some serious investments into our web hosting platform over the years and quite honestly it’s getting expensive. If I had to pick one area that I would like to see growth in over the rest of 2017 it would be in Web hosting revenue. Basically I want to make sure our costs remain covered and we’re making enough money to continue to offer what is quite honestly some kick-ass web hosting.

However that would be careful growth because we definitely do not plan to become a “hosting company”, simply a website maintenance and support company that provides a managed hosting service.

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