State of the Biz: 2016 (Annual)

2016 Annual Report

Nothing formal here, just thought I would write up a quick report on the state of the business at the end of 2016. I also figured it wouldn’t be a bad practice to do these kind of things a few times a year (maybe quarterly), but we’ll see how dedicated I remain.

FatLab is a small company, we host just under 60 websites and worked with over 60 organizations during 2016. By no means are we setting any kind of records but I think the numbers show trust, longevity and stability in regards the business.. this is all I want to get across.

Just the Facts

fatlab business statistics

More numbers:

Average earned per client: $4.5K annually

Growth from previous year (2015): 53.84%

How We Generated Revenue

Being a small business we really don’t have departments or divisions. However we do have 4 general categories of revenue. The following graph shows the percentage of revenue generated from each “category” in 2016:

2016 revenue sources

Note: In the above chart, agency hosting agreements are only represented as “agency partnerships” and not also included in “web hosting”.

Who We Served

Nonprofits VS Commercial Clients (by Revenue)

nonprofit vs comercial revenue

Note: In the above chart, only nonprofits that we work directly for are included. We work for a good number of nonprofit organizations¬†through agency partnerships, though in these models that revenue is classified as “commercial”.


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