Need to update Drupal 5 on your website? Step 1: make a backup!

Listen to your tech-savvy grandma. Or perhaps Ben Franklin is more convincing: “an ounce of prevention….” You could also be boring and just listen to your web maintenance team, and take the time to create a backup – it could save you a huge headache.

Here at FatLab, we’ve heard about (and lived) too many brave data rescue missions following catastrophe. Although Drupal, like WordPress and Joomla, is a solid platform, it is secure only when it is correctly maintained with current security updates. Just like software on your computer bugs to update, the same is true for the software that runs on your web host, in this case your content management system. Since the release of Drupal 7, Drupal 5 is no longer officially supported by the open source community that created the software.

So how do you backup the database on your Drupal 5 website ? You have two options:

  1. PhpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin is a tool that lets you make changes directly to the database. It also lets you export a complete backup. First, you’ll need to log into your web host’s administration. Many hosts have cpanel installed. In this case you should find the admin at Once logged in, look for the link to PhpMyAdmin. You can then follow the steps in this tutorial to backup your database.
  2. The Backup and Migrate Drupal Module. This module can be installed just like any other in Drupal 5, by logging in using FTP, uploading the module, and then enabling it from the Drupal module admin interface. You will then see an item appear in the administration menu that allows you to run and configure backups.

I hope this was helpful. If you would like a free quote to update Drupal 5 to version 6 or 7, please see our update Drupal special offer.

Thanks and happy webbing,

– Ryan Wadsworth

Technical Director